Ask Dr. Stoll

Information About Combining Conventional &Alternative Medicine

FAQ: About The Doctor

Who is Dr Stoll?

  1. Dr Walt Stoll is an MD with 30+ years practical experience as a Board Certified Family Practitioner. Please read Dr Stoll's CV, Why My License Was Revoked for more information about his credentials, history, and struggle with the conventional medical community. Here is a link to a very detailed CURRICULUM VITAE of Dr Stoll.
  2. Dr Stoll is married with four children and ten grandchildren. His son Bill maintains this website. Here are a few family photos.

What is Dr Stoll's email address?

  1. Dr Stoll has an email address, but prefers not to make it public. We prefer to answer all questions on the Bulletin Board so the answers can reach a wide audience and help as many people as possible.

Can I see Dr Stoll for an office visit or private consultation?

  1. Dr Stoll is not in active practice. See Why My License Was Revoked for an explanation.