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FAQ: About the Website

What's special about Dr Stoll's website?

  1. There are several ways that this website differs from many other medical help websites:
  2. This website is not-for-profit. Dr Stoll and all contributors to the website and Bulletin Board donate their time for no compensation other than the pleasure of helping others learn to help themselves. Dr Stoll's book is sold at cost for orders of four or more copies.
  3. Our site includes an interactive Bulletin Board. Dr Stoll personally reads and responds to all posts directed to him within three days (unless he is ill or travelling)
  4. Medical advice comes from a synthesis of the conventional (allopathic) and the alternative (traditional) approaches to health and healing. In general, chronic conditions respond well to alternative approaches while acute conditions respond well to allopathic solutions. See Conventional Vs Alternative for some excellent references in this area.

How did this website come about?

  1. When Dr Stoll left active practice in 1993, he became intrigued by the power of the internet. He began frequenting the Holistic Health Bulletin Boards on the Prodigy network. Soon, Prodigy offered him and his family free access in exchange for his time answering questions posted by Prodigy subscribers.
  2. In 1996, Prodigy discontinued its arrangement with Dr Stoll. Prodigy's explanation was "reorganization of the Health Bulletin Boards", and refused to give any other reason. At the same time, his computer programmer son Bill became interested in the World Wide Web, and offered to create a web site for Dr Stoll. This happened in September, 1996.
  3. A few months later, the interactive Bulletin Board was added, and the hit rate has increased steadily ever since. Dr Stoll spends 2-6 hours per day on web-related work. Bill spends from 4-20 hours per week maintaining the site.
  4. In April, 1998, professional web designer Pamela Jayawardena offered to contribute her services. Pamela added graphics, frames, and her own wonderful touch, transforming the website dramatically for the better.

How do I use the website?

  1. It depends on what you want to do! Please refer to Information For New Visitors To This Site or the Main FAQ page.