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Posts to Ask Dr Stoll BB regarding Acne.

There have been hundreds of posts to the Ask Dr Stoll Bulletin Board (BB) regarding acne and accutane. Many of them have been archived here. The archive is roughly chronological and has been divided into pieces for quicker access. I hope you find it useful.

Dr Stoll's approach to curing acne addresses the causes of acne - it does not simply treat symptoms. Here it is:
The cure for chronic acne is to take the pressure off the hypothalamic fight or flight storage. To do that, the single most important thing is Skilled Relaxation. However, a whole foods diet, the elimination diet and/or therapeutic doses of food supplements and essential oils and exercise greatly magnify the effect of the Skilled Relaxation and so most people will see faster results by doing all three. These are the 3 legs of the wellness stool so often mentioned.

As you can see, Dr Stoll's approach requires the acne sufferer to invest significant time learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. There are many on this Bulletin Board all learning at the same time and eager to answer questions and share what they've learned.

If you have specific questions about accutane and accutane side-effects, follow this link to complete product information about accutane by the manufacturer. If you ask Dr Stoll those questions, he will direct you to the prescribing physician and/or to the above link.

The archives mostly include different people's personal experience with acne and the things they have tried to rid themselves of it.

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