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Thyroid-Adrenal Connection

Posted by Sam on October 17, 1998 at 15:27:28:

Dear Walt:
Prior to finding your site I was seeing a complementary MD (I mentioned recently had his license suspended)who discussed with me the connection between thyroid and adrenal function. He had prescribed Armour (and an adrenal supplement) and said that in time my adrenal symptoms would abate. He did no testing. Used axillary temperature per Broda Barnes,MD to make determination along with what I had answered in a long questionnaire about symptoms.
Unfortunately he did not address stress or skilled relaxation though we did address dietary and exercise concerns.
I have a few questions about the thyroid.
Can the thyroid rebound on its own from environmental or parasitic toxins, stress, etc?
How do you REALLY know you have a thyroid condition that needs treatment? I was informed that tests are inconclusive. Barnes' book on the subject makes a strong statement to that effect.
If treatment is necessary, can you do so without perscription(Synthroid, Armour)? Any effective natural treatments?
If treatment is necessary, is it usually lifelong?
BTW: In working with Virgil Dodson, his sense was that I take liquid dulse.
I know my immune system was compromised 9 years ago causing the mess I'm in now. Or to say another way, I dealt poorly with stress leading to a compromised immune system. So, if I have some type of auto-immune disorder(or effected by toxins of any kind) whether thyroid or adrenal related, do I have a chance to succeed in recovering both glands without having to supplement with something?
Thanks again,

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Re: Thyroid-Adrenal Connection

Posted by Wlt Stoll on October 18, 1998 at 09:16:02:

In Reply to: Thyroid-Adrenal Connection posted by Sam on October 17, 1998 at 15:27:28:

Hi, Sam.

How did you find Virgil? Is he still healthy? I have not seen him for about 10 years. That guy has healed himself of so many fatal conditions, over the years, he is amazing.

The thyroid is NOT directly effected by these stressors any more than the adrenals are. Both these glands are effected by the hypothalamus via the pituitary which is where the environmental burdens are stored.

In the end, the only solution of any of this is the skilled relaxation I have been discussing for so many years right here on this bb. In the meantime, one can get temporary relief of symptoms by doing the conventional thing. The only things I would not do for myself are surgery & the irradiation of RAI since they cause pernament damage to the "web" and cannot be reversed short of the "Grace of GOD".

The bodymind has ENORMOUS recuperative powers. SO, if there is ANY functional tissue left, normally the function comes back to normal IF the causes are dealt with.

Even the AMA, only this year, has finally been forced to admit that EVERYONE, in this culture, cannot get enough micronutrients by "just eating a good diet". They are neglecting to tell the public that they have been denying this for 100 years and are trying to make it look like they are the discovers of this long standing truth.

SO, especially, someone like you who has a susceptibility in this area will have to take some kinds of supplements forever to help prevent a recurrence. In the long run, the skilled relaxation is BY FAR the most important single thing.

Both the thyroid replacement substances you mentioned are availble by prescription only. In the long run you would not need them. For now, they might help you feel better. If they do not, in a short time--as predicted by the prescribing doc, they are not indicated even now.

How you feel is more important than what the lab says. It is a person that is supposed to being treated here not the lab test!


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