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All interactive websites seem to attract "trolls" at times whose reason for existence seems to parallel those hackers who create viruses or worms that have the potential to cause such international havoc. The only difference seems to be their computer sophistication is not sufficient to actually do THAT. After several years I began to understand that their motivation was not dialog or communication but having an audience (Threads that would have been just as effective by email fall in this catagory.)and disruption. The term "troll" came from the angler's habit of trolling. These people are trolling for suckers who will "bite".

Trolls who read this will recognize themselves.

They have learned how to push people's buttons and then they are off and running gleefully. I have yet to see one who responded to anyone else's response with anything but derision and antagonism. If they did this in person they would get a broken nose. Certainly there was no dialog. The only solution I have yet seen is to totally ignore that person's posts once it is obvious what they are doing. Do not waste your time!

Limiting notes to health related subjects would be what this BB is all about. Occasional light hearted or inspirational notes are welcome. Jim Hare's contributions come to mind as the epitome of this genre. See his archives.

Hope this helps.


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