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Introductory summary of aromatherapy:

It is now known that ANY stimulus introduced into the hypothalamus will have an effect on hypothalamic function.
Every few months a new highway into the hypothalamus is discovered. Since that is where our entire bodymind seems to be centered, that is the switchboard to the rest of each person.

The more direct the highway, the quicker and more profound will be the influence on hypothalamic function.

It just so happens that the MOST direct highway is through the nose and sense of smell. This was the first sense developed in living things (chemotaxis) and the bare nerve ends in our noses are directly 'hard-wired' into the hypothalamus.

In the late '90s, Harvard Medical School started reporting on their research in this area and said that health and mood were directly influenced by aromas and that each aroma has a distinctly different effect. They area already being introduced into industrial environments and business offices to promote health and productivity. You can expect to see more of this in the near future

It seems that Aromatherapy is now officially accepted as powerful "medicine". It may take a while for the conventional medical monopoly to accept it since others besides licensed physicians can do it. This competition has never been welcomed by the 'system'.

There are many excellent books on Aromatherapy and it can be applied to anyone's health with just a little knowledge.

Walt Stoll, MD

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