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Posts to Ask Dr Stoll BB in 1997 of Robert McFerran's book and resulting commentary.

From September to December, 1997, Robert McFerran posted draft
chapters of his book,Arthritis - Searching for the Truth - Searching for the Cure,to the Ask Dr Stoll Bulletin Board (BB). The posts have beenarchived here in six pieces for quicker access.

For an e/diet approach to relief of arthritic symptoms within a week, Robert can be reached at rpmcf@hotmail.com

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For a summary of causes and approaches to arthritis, go to the Fibromyalgia/Fibromyositis/Arthritis archive.

Walt Stoll, MD

The following, numbered, archives links are to Robert McFerran's notes about his upcoming book about curing arthritic conditions. Several chapters are included. They are in chronological order.


The other archives include arthritis-specific dialogues with Robert. For other dialogues including metabolic type diet, refer to the metabolic type diet archives.

Arthritis-specific dialogue through May, 1998 is included with the metabolic type diet archives.

Archiving of arthritis-specific dialogues begins with June, 1998.

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