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There have been several posts to the Ask Dr Stoll
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Introductory Summary about aspartame:

Aspartame is a very safe substance in people with a normally functioning intestinal lining. This, because normal digestion breaks the aspartic acid molecule from the phenylalanine molecule and one ends up with the exact same amino acids we get every time we eat. It is only when these are artifically joined that they have the sweet taste.

HOWEVER, now that it is known that the majority of US citizens have varying degrees of LGS (leaky gut syndrome) all bets are off. NOW, some of the aspartame molecules are NOT broken down (since part of the definition of LGS is the lack of sufficient enzymes to break down food) and the LGS allows them to leak through directly into the blood stream. We are now in the unenviable position of having a molecule, that never existed before in the history of the planet, running around inside our blood streams.

In 1999, the significance of a mostly forgotten (as soon as it was learned) fact: the lining of the gut has the same embryological origin as the lining in the brain called the "blood-brain barrier", was recognized. When the gut lining is leaky so is the blood-brain barrier.

Now, we not only have a new molecule in the blood, we also have it in the brain. The effect of this molecule has never been studied and increasing reports are tying it to neurological conditions from seizures to cancers.

The current paradigm considers everyone who is not sick to be perfectly healthy. Even Maslow, at the turn of the last century never found one healthy person in 10 years of searching. He finally gave up. There are less perfectly healthy people in OUR culture now. Any thinking person knows that health is a continuum from dead to perfectly healthy and that most people fall somewhere in-between.

For the average person in 2000, aspartame IS a health risk.

Walt Stoll, MD

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