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Baker's Cyst: New Questions

Posted by Leslie on January 11, 1999 at 23:20:50:

I've read your archives, and the most recent posts regarding Baker's Cysts. I have a few questions that have not been previously addressed. The doctor wants to do an MRI to confirm, and he feels that surgery will be necessary. He feels the cyst may be a result of a MCL tear. Can an ultrasound give the doctor the information he needs for surgery, rather than the more expensive MRI? Also, when I walk, my knee will occasionally hyperextend (briefly and relatively painlessly go backward) causing me to have to catch myself. Is this from the cyst, or from the possible tear? The injury probably occurred over 4 years ago, and I haven't had this symptom until recently. I haven't read that hyperextension is a symptom of this type of cyst. Thank you very much for this resource.

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Re: Baker's Cyst: New Questions

Posted by Walt Stoll on January 12, 1999 at 13:36:24:

In Reply to: Baker's Cyst: New Questions posted by Leslie on January 11, 1999 at 23:20:50:

Dear Leslie,

All of this is information best obtained from the physician you are going to. One needs to be doing this every day to be good at it.

Your hyperextension is due to the MCL injury, not the cyst.

An MRI should be a LOT more accurate than an US.

If this is going on, you really need the repair.


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