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There have been a few posts to the Ask Dr Stoll
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Summary of present understanding of Baldness:

No one yet knows all the factors that cause some people to get bald and others not. It IS known that there is a genetic factor. It also is known that there are specific things anyone can do to upregulate that baldness susceptibility gene and others one can do to downregulate it.

For example, it is well known that long standing stress can promote hair loss. One of the reasons for that is the fact that muscle tension of the scalp muscles tend to shut off the circulation to the scalp just as your knuckles turn white when you make a fist--and for the same reasons. Less nutrition to the hair follicles certainly would bring on baldness sooner than it would ordinarily happen without that muscle tension. SO, the regular practice of Skilled Relaxation would help this factor. I have had patients prematurely balding that had all of their hair come back by doing SR alone.

Next, it is known that free radical pathology promotes aging. There are few 10 year olds who are balding but many 30 year olds. SO, aging has something to do with it. High doses of antioxidents help retard aging--at least 4 grams of esterified vitamin C a day and 1000 units of natural mixed tocopherols vitamin E would go a long way to help that. Actually, we are still a long way from understanding how a whole foods diet helps retard aging but it does. SO a healthy whole foods diet would be a good thing for anyone experiencing premature hair loss.

Smokers get bald early perhaps because of the free radicals it produces.

Since exercise makes SR and diet work better, one might consider that as well. However, marathoners tend to lose their hair earlier. SO, reasonable exercise should be added but stop short of compulsive over exercising. Until the hair loss ceases, I would recommend a good food supplement as well.

See the glossary for any unfamiliar terms and THEN, if you still have questions, put them on the bulletin board.

Walt Stoll, MD

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