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There have been a few posts to the Ask Dr Stoll Bulletin Board (BB) regarding Bedwetting. Some of them have been archived here. The archive is roughly chronological. I hope you find it useful.

ANY persistant case of enuresis (by the age of 4yo) needs to have a competent exam for pinworms (before the enuresis becomes a psychological habit). If several exams are negative, the next thing to do is to eliminate dairy for a month and then, if there is still a problem, eliminate wheat for a month. When trying the elimination approach be sure that the substances are eliminated TOTALLY since the slightest trace will ruin the test. Within a week of elimination of the triggering substance the enuresis will stop. The only reason for the trial to be so long is to convince everyone that it is the culprit.

THEN, after a few years (When healthy urinary habits are established.) the offending substance can be reinstituted (Remembering that it had been influenciong other aspects of their health at the same time as the bladder symptoms were so annoying.) One would be advised to observe the health of the child very closely for the first month of reinstituting the offending substance.


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