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Some Nuggets from the Elimination Diet Archives

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Some Nuggets from the Elimination Diet Archives

Posted by RocketHealer Jim++ on September 27, 1999 at 15:00:32:

I've spent some time in the Elimination Diet archives since I'm in the Elimination portion, and I hope to live long enough to get to the testing phase.

I found the following "nuggets" and I wanted to share them here for anyone contemplating doing the E-diet. They answer quiet a few questions that I had already. I presume that all this will be in Robert's book when it is published.

What we have available here is terrific, but it is scattered over the archives. I think it will be MUCH easier to do the E-diet from a book than from the (wonderful!) resources we now have here.

First of all, about 85% of folks will experience strong to moderate withdrawl while 15% DON'T have any withdrawl. They will all experience some clearing.

Those that clear 100% of their symptoms usually don't have a yeast or bacterial problem -- they just have a leaky gut. If they let it persist, however there is a VERY good chance that dysbiosis (the lost balance of bacterial micro-flora) will occur in the future.

Those that clear significantly less than 100% of their symptoms at the end of the elimination diet have other factors creating mischief. The usual culprits are yeast and gram negative bacteria. Inhaled allergens (primarily house dust and molds as well as some chemical sensitivities (usually chlorine in water, formaldehyde and solvents) can also play a part. Once these are addressed, most folks will find that they clear almost all of their symptoms.

About 15% of people on the elimination diet may not have a noticeable withdrawal or clearing. Usually the reasons fall into one of five categories:

1. There is a significant chemical exposure or inhaled allergy that is effectively masking symptoms. Common chemical exposures take the form of formaldehyde or carpet solvents in a new house/place of business or a leaking gas stove. The inhaled allergen is frequently dust and/or dust mite from old carpets and bedding. Molds from the basement can create a significant problem. A general clean-up of the surrounding environment is always a good idea prior to and following the elimination diet. Changing the bedding (especially the pillowcase) every evening can help reduce dust/dust mite exposure. Showering before going to bed is effective in removing pollens and other allergens from hair to keep them from being transferred to the pillowcase and inhaled through the night.

2. The individual has an extreme metabolism (usually demanding more fat, purine and cholesterol) than provided by the foods in the elimination diet. If they disdain eating the fish in the elimination diet they will rob themselves of key ingredients to their energy cycle. These folks usually describe a worsening of symptoms (especially fatigue) followed by a lack of clearing on the diet. These symptoms will resolve as they move to the Metabolic Diet phase of the program.

3. There is a significant problem with intestinal candidiasis (specifically reacting to the candida albicans microorganism) which is so severe that it's symptoms mask the results of the elimination diet. Usually these folks have withdrawal symptoms followed by only a marginal clearing of symptoms. These symptoms will clear once the candidiasis is properly treated.

4. The individual is reacting to toxins from other flora or parasites in the intestinal tract. Overabundance of gram negative bacteria or amoebic parasites are the usual culprits.

5. You are allergic to one of the foods on the elimination diet (very rare).

Any combination of the above can cloud the results of the elimination diet.

Beef is a RARE food allergen among Hunter-gatherers.

You can start testing fats but remember to use them sparingly if you want to get a true read on whether they are a true food sensitivity. Too much will cause a metabolic shift that will give you some symptoms similar to food allergy reactions.

Oatmeal is a recommended grain BUT beware -- most oatmeals have enough trace amounts of wheat to create a reaction (of course if you are allergic to wheat) and screw up your test. Apparently the processing or packaging mills run batches of different grains and do not or cannot effectively clean their equipment.
The reason why oatmeal is not suggested in the morning is due to the phenomenon of metabolic drift that I've discussed before. Overnight we tend to drift away from our optimal blood plasma pH and breakfast is the first and most important opportunity that we have to reverse and correct this 'metabolic drift'. Oatmeal doesn't really hurt but it does very little to help assist and offset the drift -- especially in someone with an EXTREME Agriculturist metabolism.

You shouldn't be taking ANY supplements (especially Ester-C) when doing food testing. It would it water down the reactions you might have to foods, since it strengths the immune system.

Take it easy. I usually suggest nothing more strenuous that a fresh air walk for folks on the elimination diet. The problem is that if you have aches and pains from exercise it will be difficult to distinguish the same from a reaction to a food during the testing phase.

Food allergens create inflammation. Inflammation creates edema (swelling) and water retention. I don't know if you've been watching your ankles but they should be a lot less puffy as you dispense with this water weight.

The elimination diet not only contains hypo-allergenic foods, but it is also decidedly 'light' and would favor the metabolic needs of an Agriculturist metabolism. Note that it contains some foods on the recommended as well as some foods for the avoid for each metabolic type to give some 'buffering' action.

I have considered creating two elimination diets. One for each metabolic type. The problem is that if you guess wrong and go with the H-G elimination diet and you are actually an Agriculturist, the diet would not reveal anything.
The converse (happily) is not true.

You can successfully use the rather 'light' elimination diet if you possess a H-G metabolism. You will find that you will have to eat the fish 3-4 times a day to maintain energy level while avoiding overly excessive amounts of fruit and yam/sweet potato.

If you are SURE that you are a H-G (as some folks have played with the metabolic diets before running the elimination diet), add lamb and olive oil to your list of safe foods on the elimination diet. Pull out the yam/sweet potato, zucchini and peaches. This will speed the entire process.

The magnesium citrate is used at the start of the elimination diet to induce bowel movements to clear the large intestine of most of it's contents. Since these contents often contain previously eaten food allergens, the overall effect it to speed 'clearing'. You don't have to take the citrate -- it just speeds the 'clearing' process.

From Walt: With IBS, I would not recommend magnesium citrate. Magnesium glycinate, orotate or aspartate would be a much better choice. Later on, when your IBS has been resolved for a year or so, mag citrate might be a cheaper way to go.

Clearing is a multi-faceted phenomenon. You cease to feel the intense cravings that are driven by food allergies. You feel calmer and more relaxed

Food Testing
In my book it looks like I'm going to suggest what to eat at every meal. I'm going to start with the things that have a lower allergenic potential but be sure to test the BIGGIES (wheat, corn, milk, soy, brewers yeast, bakers yeast) toward the end of the first week in the testing phase. You will start to build a degree of resistance after eliminating food allergens. This is the whole idea behind rotation diets.

Reactions tend to happen 45 minutes to 2 hours after ingestion. Fatigue, headache, abdominal distress, sleepiness, dizziness, brain fog and confusion, aching joints, etc. are the major symptoms. Be sure to keep a diary of everything that you eat and how you felt afterward. In rare cases there is a delayed reaction (usually with wheat and milk) that gradually builds over a day or two.

Grains like wheat are fairly insoluble compared to other foods. Most reactions happen within 2 hours BUT reactions to grains are sometimes delayed as much as 4 days!

The alka-seltzer gold is a mixture of salts that helps with withdrawal symptoms. One tablet can be taken in a large glass of water every 4 hours. The alka-seltzer does two things. It does seem to help with acidosis and it does speed up the excretion of the unwanted metabolites after a reaction to food.

Hyper-acute reactions are usually an exacerbation of whatever symptoms that you had prior to the elimination diet. In other words, they can vary. Don't worry, I think that you are concerned that you won't know what they are -- but you will. Headache, joint pains and sudden fatigue lead the list.

I find that about 25% of folks can't tolerate ANY vitamins no matter what metabolism they've inherited. They simply make them feel worse.

You too could try and test up to 6 foods a day!
The reason that I say three in my book is just to allow ample spacing and of course time for sleep :)
If you don't have a reaction within 4 hours, you can try something else. Remember milk, milk products, and grains are different.

Your food testing will have to stop after 21 days. You can go on testing foods for a reaction, but many will not generate a hyper-acute response after that 21 day period.
The problem is that we tend to re-develop tolerance over time. The re-acquisiton and timing of this tolerance varies greatly from person to person.

You have about 21 days AFTER completing the elimination diet phase to complete the testing phase.

If you only RARELY eat a food, don't waste time testing it.

I personally found that there were at maximum 30 foods that required my testing -- which was done in 13 days with 8 major food allergies found/

Thanks!/And I still like fish (E-day 2)/Tunnel

Posted by
Karel on September 28, 1999 at 08:50:48:

In Reply to: Some Nuggets from the Elimination Diet Archives posted by RocketHealer Jim++ on September 27, 1999 at 15:00:32:

Hi RH Jim,
thanks for collecting these texts from the archives. I missed them somehow so I read them for the first time.
I am in day 2, still liking the fish. I do not get up too early so my breakfast consist of pears and peaches and an hour or two later I have lunch (cod and zucchini and carrots today) and the evening meal consists of sweet potatoes and mackerel. I have to say I love all these foods so I have no problem with eating them for a few days. The only problem is with time for cooking and not being able to eat anywhere else than at home. Fortunately I do not have to sit in some bureau (freelance work) for eight hours. I feel somehow more cleansed, but no big withdrawal symptoms were present. But some mild 'undescribable' feelings were there yesterday in the evening.
About your tunnel: try to think of the wide variety of foods you can choose even while on the E-diet, compared to always the same "food" for a rocket!
Be well,

Re: Thanks!/And I still like fish (E-day 2)/Tunnel

Posted by
Rosemarie on September 28, 1999 at 09:32:09:

In Reply to: Thanks!/And I still like fish (E-day 2)/Tunnel posted by Karel on September 28, 1999 at 08:50:48:

Thanks, Karel for your "soothing" input. Jim's notes just reinforced my own fear of doing the e-diet as I was reading all the warnings and possible complications. I'm assuming that when you are starting out fairly healthy with a history of good food habits, etc. the "withdrawal" symptoms will be less severe. I'm like doesn't bother me.

Let us know how yours goes, please. I wasn't aware you were starting, too.


Post daily on your E-diet results.....

Posted by shinleaf on September 28, 1999 at 11:24:20:

In Reply to: Some Nuggets from the Elimination Diet Archives posted by RocketHealer Jim++ on September 27, 1999 at 15:00:32:

AND how your are going to progress within the first few days after its completed.

Im curious, can we use, salt & pepper, or nutmeg (which is very good on rutabega & sweet pots) in other words small amounts of herbs & spices?

Thanks RHJ

Dr. Stoll - Vitamins?

Posted by
Dawn G. on September 28, 1999 at 11:54:50:

In Reply to: Some Nuggets from the Elimination Diet Archives posted by RocketHealer Jim++ on September 27, 1999 at 15:00:32:

I appear to be one of the 25% of people who can't take vitamins. Even the high-quality, hypoallergenic ones make me feel worse. Any ideas about why this is?

The Elimination Diet

Posted by
trish on September 28, 1999 at 19:59:26:

In Reply to: Post daily on your E-diet results..... posted by shinleaf on September 28, 1999 at 11:24:20:

Hi, shinleaf,

No, you can't use small amounts of herbs and spices. Even small amounts of something you are reacting to will mask your results.

I think everyone should realize that Jim has made some pretty important "modifications" to the actual elimination diet. It was painstakingly (I think) designed to "eliminate" ALL allergens from your body for a few days in order that you might find out exactly what you *are* allergic/sensitive to.

In the past, Bob (the diet guru) has allowed certain people to add one or two things to the basic diet after carefully questioning them about their specific problems and known reactions to things.

Jim has admittedly added beef and pepper randomly to make his journey easier. It is yet to be seen whether it will make the journey worthwhile! Pepper in particular is a dangerous thing to add - I am pretty certain it has some irritating qualities - high mold content if it's not fresh ground, and some chemical thingy...(technical jargon!) Our very own Johnelle uncovered a beef allergy she was unaware of during her elimination diet.

Please find the elimination diet in the glossary and/or archives. Actually, Bob posted it not that long ago along with the two Metabolic Diets - you might try looking right on the board here, way down. The diet has ALL of the allowed foods listed right there - it's simple, if it's not on the list, you can't eat it for 6 days.

Be well,

Karel! Go for it!

Posted by
trish on September 28, 1999 at 20:05:57:

In Reply to: Thanks!/And I still like fish (E-day 2)/Tunnel posted by Karel on September 28, 1999 at 08:50:48:

Being a Hunter-gatherer, I was eating fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner! (I can just see all those wrinkled noses out there!) I was able to find steelhead trout here (red meat trout)and Bob said it was okay, so I had a bit more variation than others might have. I was baffled by Jim's post a little bit - I would not consider mackerel to be white fish. It is wonderfully (to me) oily and rich - fishy!

You could try to cook a few meals at once, or really large portions - then you only have to heat them later when you're hungry. Or if you're like me, you don't mind eating cold food sometimes!

Good luck - it's good that you and Jim are doing this at the same time - you can offer each other some support!

be well,

Re: Dr. Stoll - Vitamins? (Allergic to everything?)

Posted by Walt Stoll on September 29, 1999 at 13:22:51:

In Reply to: Dr. Stoll - Vitamins? posted by Dawn G. on September 28, 1999 at 11:54:50:

Hi, Dawn.

The definition of vitamins is that they are substances we cannot make that are essential to life. If you were REALLY allergic to them you would be dead. Something else must be causing your experience. A good Naturopath (on the scene) should be able to sort this out for you.

Another possibility is that your LGS is so bad that it processes your vitamins too differently from normal, and then when they get to the liver, the liver's capacity has been so severely over used (by the leaking of everything else) that is cannot process anything any more.

If THAT is the case, you need to become a student of "castor oil packs" and do one every day for a while till your liver function comes back up (take a look at the archives about liver). ALSO, you should look into alpha lipoic acid: a specific antioxident that powerfully supports liver metabolism. It wouldn't matter if that "leaked", and went directly to the liver, because that is where it is utilized.

Let us know what you learn and what happens.


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