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Posted by Greg on December 01, 1998 at 02:19:41:


In an earlier post, you hypothosized that I was probably an extreme agriculturalist due to high levels of uric acid. While I can not find my last blood test results, I think I remember my uric acid level as being around 13.9. Is this above average?

Also, in reference to a post about nuts and the agriculturalist--I have this interesting anecdotal evidence to add.

Though I have not started the elimination diet, I have been "dieting" for the past month. Primarily I eat large salads for lunch and dinner. I do not eat breakfast--never have. Well, yesterday I returned to my parents house as my grandmother passed away over the weekend. While there, I consumed my normal the evening while we all sat around remembering my grandmother, we ate a bunch of peanuts. I normally am not a big nut eater.

BUT--today, I have a flare-up of the inflamation in my hip!! Is this the negative reaction I would be on the lookout for once on the elimination diet?...a sudden recurrence of symptoms when a food not right for me is reintroduced into my diet?

Thanks in advance for your valuable information.


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Posted by Robert McFerran on December 01, 1998 at 12:19:08:

In Reply to: AGRICULTURALIST and NUTS posted by Greg on December 01, 1998 at 02:19:41:


The normals for uric acid level in men is 3.5 - 9.0. My uric acid was 2.1 and yours was 13.9. I am a Hunter-gatherer and you are an Agriculturists. We do have one thing in common however -- we are both METABOLICALLY EXTREME. Diets that work for some Agriculturists (like the general low fat/high complex carbohydrate diet prescribed by most nutrition 'experts') and those that work for some Hunter-gatherers (Adkins, The Zone, Protein Power, etc.) WILL NOT WORK FOR EXTREME METABOLIC TYPES.

Fortunately the ones provided by Drs. Watson and Wiley will come close to approximating what you need. Since you are EXTREME you will have to stick very close to the diet (at least in the near term) to get results. Once again you will be eating exclusively whole foods and you will have weeded out any major food allergens.

The most likely reason for your hip pain with the peanuts is the metabolic shift they created. During the elimination diet you will find the effect even MORE pronounced.

I'm also sure that the stress of the day after losing one of your loved ones was also a contributing factor.


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