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ELIMINATION DIET DAY 5(OH BOY!) robert mcferran

Posted by steve lyles on December 05, 1998 at 12:13:15:

Hi robert!well I am now able to write an account of the last 30hrs or so(sounds dramatic but its been hell in here folks!)day4 was progressing along when in the late afternoon i began having aches in my chest and left shoulder
i ate around 7pm had an aweful argument with my long suffering wife then spiralled into major chest pains,the pain was almost completely disabling,it seemed to be from the centre of my chest up into my left shoulder and up the back of my neck,taking a breath made the pain quite superb!
well i must admit to believing i was having aheart attack
and the only thing that stopped me going to the emergency room was the thought that they would probably give me a heart attack if i was not already having one!ill tell you
my meditation practice of the last couple of years really showed its value this night,anyway after a mostly sleepless night i spent the whole day in bed drinking water and eating pears,the pain began to subside mid morning turning into a humdinger of a headache(felt like a hangover)also my tonsils feel wierd especially when i bend over(strange!)
well today finds me feeling very weak and achey(still constipated by the way)at the time of this whole bizarre experience i was thinking that it was probably due to some preservative on the fish! or the fact that today i ate rutabagas for the first time in 3 years! or i really am having abloody heart attack or maybe i picked up a virus
or just maybe my body is actually healing? we shall see!
thanks bob .steve

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Re: ELIMINATION DIET DAY 5(OH BOY!) robert mcferran

Posted by Robert McFerran on December 05, 1998 at 13:05:11:

In Reply to: ELIMINATION DIET DAY 5(OH BOY!) robert mcferran posted by steve lyles on December 05, 1998 at 12:13:15:


Stay with the program and try to make sure to eat the vegetables predominantly at every meal with a little fruit at the end. In other words don't binge on the pears exclusively.

Also experiment with the fish. Try just having the vegetables and fruit and if you find that leaves you hungry within the next 2 hours then add fish to every meal.

Keep drinking the water and if you want you can take one tablet of alka-seltzer in the gold package (there is aspirin in the blue package that we want to avoid) in a large glass of water about once every 4 hours.



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