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Elimination Diet Day 3

Posted by Mike Kramer on December 26, 1998 at 08:36:16:

To Robert McFerran and other interested parties:

I started the elimination diet as planned on Wednesday. Tuesday I had taken a laxative since Wednesday afternoon I had a colonoscopy (the diagnosis from which was fine). So Wednesday I ate no breakfast or lunch. I figure those two missed meals would still contribute to withdrawal if I were to get it. Wednesday dinner was sea salt, trout, and celery. Thursday's meals were: lamb and celery, cod and parsnip, lamb and celery. Friday's meals were: lamb and celery, lamb and turnip, lamb and turnip.

It's now Saturday morning. I haven't suffered any withdrawal. But I don't feel any improvement in energy or mood either. I plan to continue eating mostly lamb with occasional fish.

A couple of days ago I was rereading the archives. I noticed that Robert suggests H-Gs really take much less carbohydrate than Rudolf Wiley does. Is this because Robert thinks Wiley gives insufficient attention to grains' allergenic potential? Robert mentions he eats no potato. Yet Wiley identifies spuds as one of the purine-rich vegetables. If one weren't allergic to them, wouldn't one want to incorporate them heavily into the diet (with the caveat that one eat an allowed meat or fish with every meal)? I have been eating meat 3 meals a day for a few years, though I didn't distinguish the purine-rich from the purine-poor until a few months ago. I have found that, over the long haul, I need more carbs than a few slices of carrot and celery.

I also noticed that a number of times Robert would list the major avoids by blood type. I am an AB. Robert listed Wheat and Tomato as AB avoids, which they are not. He did not list Beef and Chicken, which are. Were these just typos or were they based on some additional knowledge?

The archives contained a short thread about eggs. It was attributed to Wiley that only fertilized eggs should be eaten. I would note that he is agnostic on this issue.

On Tuesday 12/29/98 dinner I will have eaten 6 full days of elimination diet. Robert then suggests introducing foods at a rate of 3 per day. How long does it take for a reaction to occur? Does one assume the reaction is caused by the foods eaten on that day or by those eaten on some previous day? Besides take Alka Seltzer gold, what does one do if one does get a reaction? Do you eliminate the offender and wait for your system to clear and then start reintroducing other substances?

Lastly, archives had a discussion about using mineral salt instead of sea salt. Has anyone found mineral salt in their health food stores? Does anyone have any suggestions about where I can find this?

Well my son just woke up. Gotta go. Thanks for all the great advice!


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Re: Elimination Diet Day 3

Posted by Robert McFerran on December 26, 1998 at 15:53:24:

In Reply to: Elimination Diet Day 3 posted by Mike Kramer on December 26, 1998 at 08:36:16:


Lots of good questions. I'll try to address them in the order posed.

I have found that folks with EXTREME metabolisms have the tendancy to get sick FIRST. Even though we fall into 3 general metabolic subsets there are, as expected, variance within each subset. I always want folks to start at the EXTREME END OF THEIR SPECTRUM and then experiment by 'working back toward the middle'. In your case that would be by adding more carbohydrate (please note that I'm not necesarily saying more STARCHY carbohydrate like grains and potato).

I don't think that Wiley gives enough weight to food allergies in general and specifically the foods with a high allergenic potential (grains, milk, soy, etc.).

Potatoes are not really purine rich but more of a neutral food and you will be able to eat them if you don't have a sensitivity to them.

As you know Dr. D'Adamo uses lectin theory with observations by he and his father to determine what foods are appropriate for different blood types. I have not found that there is a strong correlation between AB's and reactions to chicken -- therefore I will be suggesting you test the food in the elimination diet while the following foods should be TOTALLY eliminated from your diet.

Type AB
Kidney Beans
Lima Beans

Eggs should be organic, free range or fertilized. Basically they are all saying the same thing -- that the egg is ALIVE enough to actually create another chicken. The eggs found in the grocery section of most major chains are essentially DEAD and therefore I don't consider them a whole food.

Most reactions occur within a couple of hours after ingestion (grains and milk are notable exceptions). IF you have a reaction basically you will just have to ride it out. Most only take about 4 hours to clear. Drinking plenty of water and a bit of the alkaselzer gold help speed clearing.

'Dirty' sea salt is fine as is mineral salt. Both have the desired trace minerals. If your mineral salt is bright white it's been processed -- it won't bother you on the elimination diet but you will want to move to something with trace minerals in the future. It tastes better too.

Mike, it sounds as if you are doing everything correctly. Some folks don't notice much withdrawl but do experience clearing. Stay with the program through the 6 full days on the elimination diet and you'll be ready to start testing. Stay away from the major food allergens the first 5 days or so while EXPANDING your selection of foods as much as possible with the recommended foods for your inherited metabolism.


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