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Elimination Diet Day 6

Posted by Mike Kramer on December 29, 1998 at 07:13:50:


Starting Wednesday 12/23 I ate none of the common allergenic foods. That day I had a colonoscopy for which I prepared by taking a laxative the night before. The colonoscopy revealed that there were still a very few tiny bits of waste in my colon.

I had no withdrawal and no clearing.

I also didn't work from Thursday through Sunday, days 2 through 5, because of the Christmas holidays.

I didn't have a bowel movement from the morning of day 1, Wednesday, until the night of day 5, Sunday, and then it was miniscule. On Monday, day 6, I returned to work. On Monday, day 6, I also had many (5 or 6?) bowel movements.

After retiring Monday night (evening day 6) I had my sleep interrupted by mild cold symptoms and still have them Tuesday morning. I have mild sinus congestion and a slight swelling of my throat glands noticeable when I swallow.


Unfortunately there are a number of variables that weren't held constant so there are multiple interpretations.

1. The weather's been highly changeable. My son has a mild cold. People get colds when the weather is changeable and their children are sick. I am a person experiencing changeable weather and a child who is sick. I got a cold.

2. The few traces of food waste in my colon were present throughout the entire diet. Thus I was exposed to them throughout the entire diet. Monday's multiple bowel movements finally cleared out the residual waste. Monday night's cold symptoms are withdrawal symptoms. The elimination (no pun intended) diet didn't begin until Monday.

3. I was suffering from immunological burdens not only from my diet but also from my work environment. I have had time off from work before and returned without getting a cold. But that was because the diet burden had not been relieved so the effects of my workplace environment were masked. During this past Thursday through Sunday I removed both the environmental and nutritional burdens. On Monday I reintroduced the environmental burdens and the cold symptoms are a response to them.


Based on the 3 possibilities above the following actions could be taken.

1. Treat it like any other cold. The diet showed that I am not suffering from any strong or obvious food allergies.

2. Stay on the diet a few more days till the cold symptoms clear. The cold symptoms are withdrawal symptoms. Take some Alka Seltzer gold to ameliorate them. After the cold symptoms clear start reintroducing foods.

3. Get an air cleaner at work or, even better, work someplace else.

Do any or all of these conclusions appear valid?


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Re: Elimination Diet Day 6

Posted by Robert Mcferran on December 29, 1998 at 13:22:50:

In Reply to: Elimination Diet Day 6 posted by Mike Kramer on December 29, 1998 at 07:13:50:


You've done good work here -- first in running the diet properly and second, using your logic to look at the various variables when formulating your conclusions.

I would say that you don't have any major food allergies but of course you might be right that that 'release' of stuff from your colon might have been interfering with the experiment. Your next course of action would be to wait a bit before beginning to test foods until your cold (or withdrawl) symptoms abate somewhat (probably 2-3 days) and then proceed to start testing foods appropriate for your metabolic type.

I forgot what were your major symptoms prior to beginning the Elimination diet?

The plot thickens........


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Re: Elimination Diet Day 6

Posted by Mike Kramer on December 29, 1998 at 14:11:55:

In Reply to: Re: Elimination Diet Day 6 posted by Robert Mcferran on December 29, 1998 at 13:22:50:


Thanks for all your help.

My major symptoms are burping and diarrhea. I have been able to control the diarrhea for years now by eating a diet that consists of meat almost exclusively. I still get cravings for grains and sweets. When I succumb, those cravings increase. I have found that my diarrhea will be worsened by any vegetables, not merely the starchy ones.

I do have LGS and hypoglycemia. The LGS was confirmed by an Intestinal Permeability test I had done 4 years ago. I have been doing SR for years but when I was doing it twice a day, the second session was close to bed time. I just started this week to be consistent in doing SR twice a day, with the second session at noon.

As far as today's symptoms are concerned: I haven't taken any Alka Seltzer Gold. I do feel achey tired with swollen glands and sinus congestion. But the pace at work is very slow and mellow during this holiday week and I can function just fine. I am planning to stay on the Elimination Diet for at least a few more days.

By the way, I picked up some Celtic Sea Salt yesterday and had it on my lamb today. I liked it.

Season's greetings,

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