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question for robert mcferran

Posted by john h. on January 08, 1999 at 09:39:01:

robert, a few posts back you had asked me for some more info regarding uric acid etc. a few months back i had these test results - uric acid 10.4 mg/dl ( marked as "high", ref range 4 to 8.5) , total cholesterol 195, hdl 42, ldl 107, vldl 13. blood type - o. i went on the h/g diet as you suggested , feeling better after 3 days. i still get the hangover type feeling in the morning/early afternoon, seems not as bad.does feel like the protien ( dark meat turkey and chicken are harder to digest- i get stomach cramps for a while) one thing to note- when i first found out i had candida( 5/98) i probably went overboard - i ate only white meat chicken/turkey, some beef and fish and low sugar vegetables for the first few weeks ie hardly any carbs at all, i lost 15 pounds real quickly and felt ill as hell( before that i didnt feel sick every day , since then i have felt sick everday but have gotten steadily better) i had broadened my diet and added more carbs which i believe made me feel better. hope this helps. thanks again.

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Re: question for robert mcferran

Posted by Robert McFerran on January 08, 1999 at 14:53:50:

In Reply to: question for robert mcferran posted by john h. on January 08, 1999 at 09:39:01:


Your blood work is suggestive that you might be an Agriculturist (even though your physiological responses that we discussed earlier suggest otherwise). I'm concerned that food allergies might be clouding those physiological responses.

If I were you and REALLY wanted to unravel what was going on I would run the Elimination diet. Food allergies can have a DRAMATIC impact on blood sugar values (not to mention a lot of other things -- perhaps your hangover type feeling at certain parts of the day.

Once free of your major food allergens (usually by day five of the elimination diet) you will get a much clearer 'read' as to what is the true identity of your metabolism. This is why my standard protocol suggests running the elimination diet first and then moving into the appropriate metabolic diet.


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