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How much of metabolic diet is specific to arthritis treatment?

Posted by Mike Kramer on January 15, 1999 at 22:04:49:


I was thrilled to get a peak at your food lists the other day. Your means of categorization struck me as reasonable and clear. For readers who didn't see it, you gave the H-G meat recommendations. Anything else you'd like to post would be warmly welcomed.

I haven't yet gotten around to buying George Watson's works, but I believe you said that his focus was psychiatry.

I found Wiley's work somewhat odd. He stressed that it is erroneous to focus on symptoms. His work with hundreds of patients demonstrated that metabolic imbalances can manifest as a manifold of symptoms. If that were the thesis of my book, and I had successfully advised hundreds of people with a panoply of symptoms, then I would have a chapter on psychiatric disorders, a chapter on circulatory disorders, a chapter on digestive disorders, etc. Instead he has five introductory chapters followed by two chapters on the inadequacies of psychotherapy. Pschiatric disorders are his only focus though he does mention other symptoms in passing.

I know from your comments and your archived chapters that your focus is arthritis. I wonder if any of your food or supplement recommendations are arthritis-specific, or all they all appropriate for nonarthritics as well.

I ordered my buffalo jerky yesterday. Thanks for the resource. I welcome anyone's sharing ideas about how they eat when they travel. Fortunately, I don't travel often. But I find breakfast an extremely difficult meal to eat on the road. Traditional breakfast meats--bacon and sausage--are loaded with nasty preservatives. Type ABs like myself aren't supposed to eat buffalo, but the buffalo jerky seems like it might be my best bet.

Best of health to all,

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Re: How much of metabolic diet is specific to arthritis treatment?

Posted by Robert McFerran on January 15, 1999 at 23:03:26:

In Reply to: How much of metabolic diet is specific to arthritis treatment? posted by Mike Kramer on January 15, 1999 at 22:04:49:


Thanks for the feedback on the new and different food categories.

I don't know if you'll be able to purchase any of Dr. Watson's books since they are out of print. Check your college library. I know that you will find Watson's work even more compelling than Wiley's.

Dr. Wiley was stuck with quite a predicament when he wrote his book. He was trying to make it simple enough for the masses yet provide the readers with the strong but rather complex logic behind his venous blood plasma theories. Net result it IS a bit odd.

I've found that asking a yes/no psychological question about things like sexual libido are fraught with problems. The first problem is that the only person that you can compare things to is yourself. The second and bigger problem is that folks that are eating in a manner mismatched to their inherited metabolism will ALL notice a reduction in libido.

In my book I will be claiming ALL folks with arthritis have leaky gut syndrome. The correct metabolic diet is essential in resolving leaky gut sydrome. Therefore the metabolic diets should work VERY well for anyone with ANY disease driven by leaky gut syndrome.

The problem is that there are all sorts of gradations of leaky gut. Folks with auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, irritable bowel disease, Crohns, etc. have VERY leaky guts. In order to reverse the process folks will have to stay primarily with their Core and Supplementary foods -- basically all the foods that we know that we are VERY WELL ADAPTED and foods that fit their metabolic subset.

Others with less severe cases of leaky gut will find that they can get results with a less restrictive diet.

I hope the buffalo jerky works out. I wouldn't over-eat it. I like it as a snack to tide me through long movies. If your travel is car travel consider buying a small Igloo refrigeration unit. You can plug it into your cars cigarette lighter or into a wall outlet in the hotel. If you can't find your food you can carry it!


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