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Elimination Diet

Posted by Jackie on February 07, 1999 at 02:04:58:

Your elimination diet is much more restrictive that other approaches. What is your basis for choosing only those foods? How many people are allergic to such things as turkey and celery? Couldn't you broaden the elimination diet some? Maybe if it was less restrictive more people would be willing to try this approach. Eliminating a food that maybe 1 in a thousand is sensitive may be unreasonable. Thank you for all of your useful posts. Just trying to learn more.

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Re: Elimination Diet

Posted by Robert McFerran on February 07, 1999 at 07:41:30:

In Reply to: Elimination Diet posted by Jackie on February 07, 1999 at 02:04:58:

Hi Jackie,

The elimination diet that I suggest was developed by Dr. John Mansfield over the course of 20 years and some 10,000 patients. I've always wondered why his elimination diet was so much more effective than others. Now I know, and for reasons that I'm sure not even Dr. Mansfield was aware.

The mix of foods on the elimination diet are skewed to the Agriculturist side of the metabolic spectrum. Dr. Mansfield was completely unaware of the metabolic work done by Watson and Wiley but the rather low fat and low purine content of the 'safe' foods on the elimination diet are critical to the success of the diet.

One of the things that I've found is the simple fact that folks that occupy the EXTREME ends of the metabolic spectrum are much more likely to develop chronic disease. An individual with an EXTREME Agriculturist metabolism would find that they could sufficiently 'clear' their symptoms due to the low fat and purine content of the elimination diet foods. They would find that they would do quite well on meals consisting of primarily vegetables and fruit with the addition of fish only during the evening meal.

Unfortunately something like turkey (even the breast meat) would have too much fat and especially purine to allow complete clearing by an individual with an EXTREME Agriculturist metabolism.

Fortunately EXTREME Hunter-gatherers will find that they can effectively clear during the diet BUT they will find that they have to eat a good sized portion of fish at each meal and might require 4-5 meals a day to get enough purine and fat.

The root vegetables on the elimination diet should be little surprise since we have eaten them for a long enough period of time to become well adapted.

I appreciate your comments about the restrictive nature of the elimination diet. I will let individuals that know that they are H-G's add lamb but that's about as much liberalizing as I can allow and guarantee results.


p.s. - I spoke to a person on the phone today that is preparing to run the elimination diet. He has an obvious H-G metabolism and said that he gets along well with most meats EXCEPT turkey. He said that he's even tried the organic turkey to rule out antibiotics or other additives. Who would have thought turkey would be a food allergen -- especially for a H-G with blood type O?

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