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Die-off and Agriculturalists

Posted by Peter Wray on February 08, 1999 at 09:43:09:

Linda did the elimination diet (faithfully) and didn't really notice any huge improvements; although, her nausea was gone after a couple of days of pretty bad nausea which we assume was a withdrawal symptom. The nausea and joint pain reared its ugly head again when she introduced grains and coffee. To be honest, she go tkind of frustrated and sloppy at that point in time and we now can't be sure whether it was the grains or the coffee, but both are now gone from her diet.

She is now taking nilstat for candida. (The pure form thanks to the information you gave us a while back about the fillers in the tablet form.) The nausea came back big time when she started the nilstat (four capsules/day). Not too bad the first day, but progressively worse days 2 and 3 and still there this morning (day 4).

We were reading in a fairly recent publication that the die-off tends to make people alkaline. If Linda has an alkaline tendency, would the die-off be potentially worse for her because of her inherited metabolism? What can she do to balance this if she is trying to aviod coffee and tea like the Perfect Whole Food Diet says? Also, is this a place for Alkaseltzer Gold? We can't seem to find Alkaseltzer Gold up in the Great White North. Could I get the same think prepared by a compounding chemist?



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Re: Die-off and Agriculturalists

Posted by Robert McFerran on February 08, 1999 at 15:02:18:

In Reply to: Die-off and Agriculturalists posted by Peter Wray on February 08, 1999 at 09:43:09:


I knew that when Linda had an 'echo' response on day 7 of the elimination diet that she was going to get frustrated and perhaps give up on the protocol. The fact that it's been a week now since we communicated means that the trail is cold and I can't possibly figure out what is driving her symptoms.

You and Linda don't know what are driving her symptoms either. There are too many variables now -- especially since you've jumped to the nilstat again.

This is (was) the whole point of the elimination diet -- and the food by food testing that was to follow. The elimination diet doesn't always magically erase all of someones symptoms but it DOES give them a baseline where symptoms are level so that they can begin to add (test) other things.

We were on the precipice of testing to see whether a strict Agriculturist diet (sans any food allergens) would improve her energy and symptoms.

After that I would have Linda try the pepto-bismol test.

After that she could start with the nilstat or other anti-fungal.

We would be doing things one thing at a time.....

Now you and Linda are back to grabbing at straws. Can you see the odds of hitting on the right combination -- the right set of foods appropriate for her metabolism without any food allergens are astronomical?

Adding ANYTHING else (including the alka-seltzer) right now would only add further to the confusion that you are experiencing right now.


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