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Attn Robert: Which way from here...continuation

Posted by Phyllis A. on March 03, 1999 at 17:09:21:

This is in comment to your questions back to me under my "Collapsed" append. I thought I would start a new thread at the top of the board.

You asked what I was eating before the e-diet: beef, pork, chicken/turkey, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, green beans, breads, SUGAR, chocolate, dairy, wheat, potato chips, sandwiches/subs, gravy/biscuits, eggs, bacon, ham, mayo, mustard, catsup, onions, lettuce, salads,'s all-American diet. A typical breakfast would be 1 cup of coffee (leaded), and usually a ham or bacon biscuit, or a blueberry muffin (not both, but one or the other). On the weekends a breakfast might be fried bacon & eggs, or biscuits & gravy. Lunch is usually from the cafeteria and would be a meat and couple of veggies, or sandwich/burger & fries, or maybe a soup & salad with a dessert. Usually an afternoon snack from the vending machine (chips/popcorn or candy). Dinner is usually a meat and 1-2 veggies, maybe a salad. Perhaps a snack in the evening. My daily liquids would be 1 cup coffee to sip on all morning, 1 med-large fountain soda to sip on all afternoon, and one glass of tea for dinner. Drink about 2 glasses of water per MONTH. I'm not "really big" on fast-food places, but usually eat there a couple times a week when I'm on the run.

As to my "rejecting" the e-diet foods, my best description would be that I was starved to death and wanted to eat, but my stomach could not tolerate the bland food. I tried making myself eat, but ended up throwing up. The thought of cooking or eating it again made me extremely nauseated. Decided rather than forcing myself to eat then throwing up, I would not push it and maybe later it would appeal to me...but it didn't...I just collapsed.

I did notice that my bracing was extremely strong during the e-diet. Seems like I recall one of the others noted that also. My aches and pains were not near as bad as I was expecting, and I was geared and ready to tackle it. Was very spacey and didn't want to concentrate. I wanted to talk more on the board, but just couldn't focus/think. I slept a lot, and tried to as much as I could. I didn't really feel depressed/sad, but just very blah. Had strong cravings for chocolate, bread, and chips. I desired to eat the foods the family were eating. I think it was Sunday that I had a slight headache.

I like your "camp" idea. To do the e-diet, I would prefer to be at home or somewhere for 2 weeks with no responsibilities (work/family), no stress, decisions, etc. Someone to cook the foods (away from my sense of smell), and bring it to me. I liked the suggestions that Denise had with the fresh flowers and sea salt bath/soaks. Any of the "pampered" ways would really help during this time. All these things would help, but they still would not fix the problems I had with my stomach. If I could have stayed in bed for several more days and not had to work, etc., I may have continued to starve and pass out if needed...I don't know...that was very scary. I so wanted to make the diet work so I could detect my food allergies, and find out for sure which metabolic extreme to go with.

I'm curious why you feel that the extreme Agriculturist diet is the way to go. I just want to understand why you feel that, because I think I'm more a H-G or MIXED. I try not to let my desires tell me this, but more from my gut-feel and what I read here. I'm not challenging you, but just trying to figure out what you are going by so I can learn from it. I just want to go the correct way, whichever it may be. If I am Agri. and went with the H-G diet, would I get worse? Would that be a good test before I move to the Agri-diet so I can rule out H-G? Here are some of my reasons that lead me to think I could be H-G:

Coffee - I can drink it and I can also do without it. I usually drink one cup on work days, but don't touch it on the weekends. I can take it with or without caffeine. Doesn't seem any different to me. I usually drink the leaded stuff because I am very tired and figure if it can help, I can use it, but I can't say I notice any difference. Since I don't normally have more than one cup it is hard for me to say I get jittery (I feel jittery/anixous all by or no coffee). I have had coffee late at night and have been able to sleep afterwards, and also have had times that I couldn't sleep after having coffee. If I drink a glass of brewed ice tea with dinner I'm okay, but if I have a second glass or drink it later, I'm ALWAYS wide awake. Caffeine tea affects me more than coffee.

Meats vs. Veggies - I always take the meat over the veggies. Veggies/salads don't feel or satisfy me. I usually eat veggies/salads to complement my meats. Beef liver and chicken livers/gizzards are my favorite meats. I prefer dark meat over white meat any day. I will eat a meal with white meat, but my preference is for dark meat. I love the fat in meat and the skin on the chicken/turkey. I love raw hamburger. If I eat a meal without meat, I usually need something more filling with it (like bread/pasta).

Meals - I need to eat very frequently. I prefer several mini-meals. I really would prefer to not have a meal, but rather just snack on foods throughout the day. I eat at my desk throughout the day. Can't skip meals or go long periods w/o food.

Speaking of the Agri-diet, can you paste it again. I noticed the H-G diet you posted the other day list foods by CORE, SUPPLEMENTALS, AVOID, etc. I didn't see anything like that in the archives for the agri-diet.

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Nice to hear from you Phyllis

Posted by Denise Wyrick on March 03, 1999 at 18:11:19:

In Reply to: Attn Robert: Which way from here...continuation posted by Phyllis A. on March 03, 1999 at 17:09:21:

I don't want to pretend like I know more than Bob here...but I too wondered why he thought you AG type. I think being able to nurture yourself in a positive way is critical to being successful with the diet. I guess I tend to pamper myself, but it does help get over the bumps in the road.

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Re: Attn Robert: Which way from here...continuation

Posted by Robert McFerran on March 03, 1999 at 23:43:35:

In Reply to: Attn Robert: Which way from here...continuation posted by Phyllis A. on March 03, 1999 at 17:09:21:


Don't worry about ever challenging anything that I suggest.

I think in the end when I looked at what you were telling me I came to the conclusion that you were an Agriculturist (at least at some part of your cycle) due to the fact that you seemed to tolerate coffee. The diet that you described as your 'normal' diet seemed very heavy compared to what other women would consider normal. I thought that the tendancy to eat several small meals might be more associated with STRONG food allergies to grains rather than a metabolic driver.

I can't tell you what metabolic subset you fall. My father who is an EXTREME Agriculturist was forced to move to a low fat diet after his triple bypass. I remember vividly how he sat there and looked at his steamed vegetables and white fish and looked as if someone had just shot him. He just sat there and picked at his food. He was so emotionally upset with what was being forced on him that he refused to eat it.

As you know the elimination diet is purposely skewed to the light side. If it was any heavier it would throw a wrench in any possibility of clearing for EXTREME Agriculturists. On the other hand H-G's can make it through if they ate enough fish and ate enough meals. As you saw, several of your fellow E-dieters were H-G's and (while they got tired of cod) were able to successfully have the E-diet sustain them. You, on the other hand, had such a completely different experience. It is an experience that I've had with others that have tried the E-diet. I'm just trying to find out why. I don't think I have nearly enough information to even speculate at this point.

Don't despair Phyllis. You should try each of the EXTREMES (Agriculturist and H-G diet) for about 4 days each and see which one delivers you the most energy. It's that simple.

I haven't posted the Agriculturist diet that I will be using in my book. The one listed in the archives will work well for you -- just eliminate all grains and milk.

Good luck.


Good to hear from you Phyllis!

Posted by Sara on March 04, 1999 at 08:21:30:

In Reply to: Attn Robert: Which way from here...continuation posted by Phyllis A. on March 03, 1999 at 17:09:21:


Hope you are feeling much better now. I'm sure you'll find the diet that is best for you. Keep us posted on how you are doing!

Take care,

Re: Nice to hear from you Phyllis

Posted by Johnelle on March 04, 1999 at 17:07:01:

In Reply to: Nice to hear from you Phyllis posted by Denise Wyrick on March 03, 1999 at 18:11:19:

I'm learning more and more from your posts, Phyllis. Good
to hear from you!

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