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Posted by Linda Hynds on September 01, 1998 at 17:34:55:

Hello to everyone,

Well, I'm doing well adding foods to the agriculturist diet. With the exception of getting nuked, as Robert put it, at a salad bar, I continue to feel good and have had few reactions. I went out to lunch with two neighbors and, trying not to sabbotage my diet, I ate only those veggies and fruits I know are safe. I did alittle shopping after lunch. I came home and approximately 3-4 hours after this lunch, I became extremely dizzy. I checked my blood sugar and my blood pressure, both of which were OK. I was worried I was having a stroke or something! I did some extra skilled relaxation and took my Alka Seltzer Gold and "rode it out." Robert assures me that the beautiful salad fixins were polluted with chemicals to which I reacted. I don't think its right that the restraurant folks can spray food like this.So, beware of the TGI Fridays and that caliber of restraurant. Anyway, it's pretty scary since we are leaving on vacation. I will be careful where we eat and ask lots of questions. I will also keep my diet diary. I have plenty of ASG and my epipen, which I don't plan on using. Seems that I remember last year that Peter Wray (Ithink) was going on vacation with his family and was concerned about his diet. I will follow the suggestions that Robert has given me, and any other suggestions would be welcome. It will be awhile till I return.. I hope I don't experience computer withdrawal.

Namaste` Linda

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