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Calcium deposits on upper lip

Posted by Corey on November 09, 1998 at 16:14:25:

Hi Dr. Stoll. I read through the archives of Calcium Deposits, but didn't see any that applied to me.

I have many small, white lumps covering my upper lip that have been there for at least a few years now. A few months ago I went to the mouth doctor who suspected mouth cancer, but the test came back negative, thank God. So he said the lumps just look like calcium deposits and that if they get to bothering me, I could come in and have them lanced off.

What could be the cause of these deposits, and can I make them go away? Is lancing them an effective method of care?

Thanks, Doc!

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Re: Calcium deposits on upper lip

Posted by Walt Stoll on November 10, 1998 at 11:57:55:

In Reply to: Calcium deposits on upper lip posted by Corey on November 09, 1998 at 16:14:25:

Dear Corey,

My guess is that they are NOT calcium. They are most likely "leukoplakia" a premalignant change of the skin due to sun exposure. It might take years for them to progress.

If I were your doc, I would at least biopsy one of them so I knew what I was working with. If my suspicion is correct they need to be treated (topically/chemically) before they become malignant. There are other possibilities but this one must be ruled out BEFORE waiting for something worse to happen.

MY understanding of what you are describing is flat, white lesions of the skin of the upper lip----usually right at the vermillion border of lip to skin. If these are pimples, forget what I just said.

Let us know what you learn. Walt

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