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Beating Breast Cancer With Alternative Medicine

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Beating Breast Cancer With Alternative Medicine

Posted by Pam on October 29, 2002 at 18:00:07:

How I Beat Breast Cancer

Excerpt ~

My name is Siri Amrit Kaur Khalsa, and I had breast cancer.

I treated my disease using so-called "alternative medicine".

This paper is a description of the methods I used and my opinions on cancer and some cancer treatments.

It is not my intention to give medical advice or tell people what they should do.

This paper is not a "stand alone" ultimate approach for treating cancer. It is merely a resource tool to get people started in their own personal research.

The opinions expressed here are my own. I hope that by reading this, people will realize that there is a tremendous variety of treatment options available and it is up to them to study and make their own informed decisions.

For reasons I describe further on, I not only refused conventional cancer treatment common in this country, I refused routine diagnostic procedures as well, believing them to be very dangerous.

I feel that I nevertheless had a very accurate diagnosis of my disease.

Medicine as practiced by the AMA is only one school of thought and is by no means the only real, accurate, scientific or effective medicine.

Many other schools of medicine are highly accurate and effective sciences, and in other parts of the world people with cancer have options that are never offered by doctors in this country. This is no accident.

For over a century the AMA has tried everything in its power, both legal and illegal, to eliminate all competition in health care.

Those in the AMA might not respect my diagnosis of cancer, but that's OK; I don't respect them, either.

I found the lump in my right breast on July 2, 1997. It was small and hard, about the size of a small split pea with a ridge.

I had a very bad feeling about it. I had known for many years that I was at high risk for cancer: I am a DES daughter.

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, hypothyroidism (Wilson's Syndrome to be precise), and had DDT and heavy metal exposure.

I am also an incest survivor. Each of these is a risk factor for cancer.

My mother had cancer of the thyroid when she was pregnant with me and later had lymphoma, which she survived.

I had a tumor surgically removed from my mouth while an infant. I had a pre-cancerous condition in my reproductive organs in my youth.

I struggled with poverty, depression and an impaired immune system for several years prior to discovering the lump.

I had high levels of exposure to household chemicals as I made a living doing housecleaning.

I believe that I was ill for some time before I discovered the lump. Although I tried my best to eat right and stay healthy, I certainly did not feel well for many years.

As a practitioner of healthful living, I do not smoke or drink. I was a vegetarian for twenty-three years before discovering the lump.

I stayed away from junk food like French fries, soda pop, and refined sweets, except for an indulgence in chocolate now and then (everybody needs a little vice, after all!).

I did a lot of reading and studying over the years on the subject of alternative medicine.

I knew that I had a one-in three chance of getting cancer, and I believe in the saying of Louis Pasteur, that "Chance favors the prepared mind."

When I found the lump I was terrified, but I didn't panic. While I knew it could just be a benign cyst, I had a very bad feeling about it.

I called friends; read books they recommended, and saw doctors I respected to get their advice.
I got a lot of opinions, many of them conflicting, from the books I read. I tried to find common principles and ideas about cancer and the healing process. I listened to my body.

Some options felt good to me, others made my stomach clench. Some theories sounded ludicrous to me, others sounded deadly. Some theories made a lot of sense.

I believe that the body knows how to be healthy if we don't get in the way of its natural processes.

A cut will heal without our thinking about it. We have cells getting damaged all the time.

We even have cancer cells in our bodies, and our immune system takes care of the problem when it is working right; that is its job.

People have different constitutions and can get the same disease for different reasons, so a treatment that works for one person may not work for another.

Alternative Breast Cancer Newsletter

Posted by Pam on October 30, 2002 at 08:14:49:

In Reply to: Beating Breast Cancer With Alternative Medicine posted by Pam on October 29, 2002 at 18:00:07:

Alternative Breast Cancer public newsletter.

The goal of this newsletter is to expose the dangers of radiation from mammograms; to offer thermograms as a safer alternative; to discuss unnecessary mastectomies and describe complications of breast implants and tissue flap reconstructions; to offer non-toxic and non-invasive preventative, natural therapies; to expose the carcinogenic effects of chemo, radiation and Tamoxifen; to discuss the balancing of hormones with natural transdermal progesterone.

This public newsletter is for educational purposes to empower women to take charge of their own health.

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Re: Beating Breast Cancer With Alternative Medicine (Archive.)

Posted by Walt Stoll on October 30, 2002 at 09:29:10:

In Reply to: Beating Breast Cancer With Alternative Medicine posted by Pam on October 29, 2002 at 18:00:07:

Thanks, Pam.



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