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Posted by Barbara Dusel on December 15, 1998 at 17:55:21:

Hello, I posted before but as usual, can't find the orig.
Here's the situation. My friend, Bill, with the Prostate Cancer has been taking radiation treatments at the Brown Cancer Center. He's had about 32 treatments and has 7 to go. He now is having extreme problems with peeing. He seems to have pain - dribbling all night long off & on. It hurts him real bad. He has one pill to take that makes the urine orange that helps a little bit, and also a blood pressure med (terazosin I think) which helps but he was up all night last night. If we call the oncologist again, is there anything out there he might recommend or do you think tolerating it vs. calling an ambulance would be the only choice. We have told them about 6 times but they usually say it will end when the treatments are over. I am asking you this in case he becomes an emergency in the middle of the night. He has an appt. tomorrow with the Oncologist (routine) anyway. Thanks and sorry I rambled! Barb in Louisville - I will "try" to sign on if I'm over there.

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Re: Prostate Cancer

Posted by Walt Stoll on December 16, 1998 at 11:45:43:

In Reply to: Prostate Cancer posted by Barbara Dusel on December 15, 1998 at 17:55:21:

Dear Barb,

Your friend is showing signs of a radiation burn and this will continue to get worse after the series is done for a while.

It would be dangerous for him to use a straight catheter to get him through this period since the urethra will be friable (due to the radiation damage) and he could not safely catheterize himself without risk of perforating the urethra.. A foley catheter, placed by the doc, might be safe even though he would have to be very careful placing it as well.

The real problem is that the scarring from this terrible burn will likely cause an obstruction later on which will have to be surgically corrected.

Were I the oncologist, I would consult with the urologist about this before giving any more "treatments".

I think your friend is going to wonder if he might not have been better off not knowing about the cancer--in the long run.


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