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Re: Enzymes/Diabetes/Cancer

Posted by J.Ferguson on February 04, 1998 at 09:34:21:

I've researched alot of info on enzymes. I understand they should be plant enzymes and recommend checking out the web site on RGarden formerly a company called staff of life. I believe their site is They have a product called Quadrazyme worth a look in answer to your question.

Re: prostate cancer

Posted by Walt Stoll on February 06, 1998 at 10:52:01:

Dear Susan,

I am sorry that I missed the fact that this was a cancer. I just caught the prostate or I would not have referred you to the search feature.

For ANY cancer the best that I can suggest is that the individual learn how to improve their immune system. AIDS research has discovered more in the past few years about what people can do to help themselves in this regard than we knew for the past million yours.

I would suggest first that he be seen in consultation by the foremost organization in the country that actually offers patients ALL of their options & takes the time to fully explain them: Cancer Treatment Centers of America, (800) 515-1221, (800) 515-0176, (800) 641-6333. They can tell you the closest center to him. Get all his medical records for him to take for the consultation. These centers combine the best of the conventional & non-conventional approaches that have been found to be effective.

Also, if he has an open mind, he could read "Psychoimmunity & the Healing Process" edited by Jason Serinus & published by Celestial Arts in 1986. ANY library could find him a copy.

Let us know how he does. Others deserve to know that they are NOT being offered all of their options by the conventional medical monopoly.



Prostate Health

Posted by Morton Marcus on February 23, 1998 at 16:53:15:

I am 50 years old and in generally good health. For the last several years, when I must strain during a bowel movement, invariably I will ejaculate a small amount of fluid (a few drops) which I presume to be prostate fluid (sticky and whitish). During a prostate exam a few years ago, I asked a urologist about this and he said that it was nothing to worry about. I paid very little attention to this until today when a stream of fluid came out. Could you please elaborate and discuss this phenomenon? I'd appreciate it very much if you had any more information on this subject. Thank you very much.

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