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Canker Sores

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There have been a few posts to the Ask Dr Stoll Bulletin Board (BB) regarding Canker Sores. Many of them have been archived here. The archive is roughly chronological. I hope you find it useful.

Summary explanation of canker sores; their causes and curative/preventive approaches:

Canker sores, especially when they are recurrent, are an early indication of LGS (see Leaky Gut Syndrome archive ) as the mouth is the beginning of the intestinal tract.

For prevention of the breakouts, use 1 gram of lysine supplement a day and twice that much once any breakout occurs. At the same time, avoid foods with arginine in them. See your reference librarian for a book that lists the amino acid content of foods. You can also help this by adding at least 2 grams of esterified vitamin C a day for prevention and the same kind of vitamin C daily to tolerance (loose stools) for treatment.

In the meantime, for relief of symptoms, use the Glyoxide as described in the rest of these archives. Usually symptoms wil be gone within 24 hours.

Finally, many people have canker sores because of the kind of tooth paste they use. If you think that might be YOUR problem, call (610) 645-5556 or e-mail squigle@zdnetmail.com for information.

Then, if you still have questions, write again.

Walt Stoll, MD

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