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My Almost Common-Sense Cure For Cankers!!!! TESTIMONIAL

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My Almost Common-Sense Cure For Cankers!!!!

Posted by
MakrsMark [875.1351] on September 20, 2004 at 18:16:22:

After being plagued by canker sores most of my remembered life, I sought help. That's when I found Dr. Stoll, where I read (on his own sight) that he might be a quack. I read his Gly-oxide treatment. It made sense. I was apprehensive. I tried it. It worked about 25 percent of the time on the first treatment (maybe 35%, if i was lucky, on the second, and it hurt like a bee-atch). I also, by prior experience, realized that many of my cankers were stress related. Dr Stoll made me worry I might have a "leaky gut."

What I began doing was incorporating all of my resources and knowledge to develop a "personal approach" to medicine and my particular problem. It did however take over five years of observations, enlightenements, and annoyances, but I think I may have figured my problem out. So I wanted to share my experiences, and also share that I don't believe there is any single answer for any single person. It takes a thorough understanding and diligence on the part of the sufferer.

Some websites said not to eat apples, others said no tomatoes. But apples and tomatoes are good for you. Hmmmm, what to do??? I also realized that when I was stressed, I engaged in "not so healthy" activities, and when I was stressed I had most canker attacks. I drank. Was it the alcohol? Cigarettes??? Was it just my stress level. Even when I was not stressed I'd still get them. The digestive tract begins with the mouth. AND my problems were with my mouth. So I started there.

The next step was my hybrid and active approach to battleing my cankers on the front line (my mouth) while not overlooking, demeaning, or ignoring any information (by any source). It may be quackwackery, but so may be my approach.

I first applied Dr Stolls, Gly-oxide scratch and burn treatment. It worked ok.

But then I began brushing my teeth, (I did before ya know too) but now like it was a job. Every morning, as soon as I woke. Every night before I went to bed. It was the anti canker religion. Then I started using Rembrants anti canker toothpaste (it has a purple label). could an unhealthy mouth lead to an infection resulting in cankers??? Or could it delay my bodies immune response to a cut in the mouth, a bit lip, which then resulted to a canker??? Then I began using Listerine after every brushing. Then I incorporated the listering rinsings during the day. Then I started dripping glyoxide on my toothbrush bristles (as directed for daily use), then added toothpaste on top (as directed as well) then brushed. But tip your head back, your mouth will foam like a rabid dog. And then I followed by a Listerine rinse. I do that twice a day now. Then I started using Glyoxide a couple additional times over the day. I still don't floss, but after I started doing the above religiously my cankers dimminished greatly. small and huge ones turn in no time. I feel less pain, which means (in my experience) that they've started healing. Two weeks ago I slacked on the above program, bit my lip twice and was left with three big
'ol cankers. I started back up, and after TWO days they stopped hurting. Now after four days I see that they've begun healing. and healing rapidly. I went to bed last night and saw their size diminish greatly by today. IN ONE NIGHT!!!!

By the way, I know bad cankers, so bad that your neck glands hurt if you even yawn. So try this please.

You all try this for a month and let me know how it works. It worked for me. I hope it does for you too.


Re: My Almost Common-Sense Cure For Cankers!!!! TESTIMONIAL

Posted by Walt Stoll [9.8] on September 21, 2004 at 09:08:05:

In Reply to: My Almost Common-Sense Cure For Cankers!!!! posted by MakrsMark [875.1351] on September 20, 2004 at 18:16:22:

Thanks, Mark.

Congratulations on not giving up.


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