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Re: heart disease

Posted by Walt Stoll on May 02, 1998 at 11:20:39:

Dear Katherine,

The real advances began more than 40 years ago when Nathan Pritikin, PhD showed actual reversal of atherosclerosis within a month of starting regular skilled relaxation, exercise & a 10% fat diet. At about the same time physicians found that they could reverse this condition with Chelation Therapy.

Twenty years ago Dr. Ornish began publishing in medical journals and books about using the Pritikin approach and the fact that it was MUCH safer, MUCH more effective and MUCH less expensive than bypass surgery. The only reason that this approach is NOT the "standard of practice" is that it is competition to the VERY lucrative bypass surgery approach.

If you really want to talk about the "standard of practice" in this area for the 21st century, those things are what you will have to talk about.

You can find the references about the chelation on the homepage of this 'site by reading about Chelation (link on this page). Go to your library & ask for anything by Pritikin or Ornish to learn about the rest.

If you just want refinements of the approach of the 20th century, you will have to go to your local medical school library or go to a cardiology website & ask there. That, however, is NOT what I thought your discussion was supposed to be about.


Transient Ishemiac Attack

Posted by Tam on May 30, 1998 at 16:09:52:

My 75yr old Granmother has been a very active women, until last month. She bent over to pick up something and hurt her back. Her x-ray shows arthritis in her back. Not much pain but she has compensated for the pain by using her left leg, and now it hurts...need a cane. Then she was on ibuprofin, and she got a "funny feeling". Went back to the doctors and he said she had a TIA. She is now only on aspirin, and no other meds accept those for high blood pressure (Digoxin .125mg/Novo0Spirozine 25 25 25mg/Atenolol 50 mg.Her Glucose level is high 6.9/potassium low 3.3/ Urea high 7.2/sodum low
132/ Chloride 90/Ast 45/LDH 1018. He has sheduled a CAT scan, which she does not want to go to. She hates meds. Anyways...all this from straining her back???? I have read your archives...nothing...please respond.

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