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The battle to save our supplements

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The battle to save our supplements

Posted by Cezanne [1073.1463] on February 20, 2005 at 08:23:20:

Here forwarded is something that came across another bulletin board reference the upcoming CODEX review in Europe and the continuing battle to save our access to supplements. VERY GOOD REFERENCES HERE> CHECK IT OUT

IAHF List: See WHO's Mindless REJECTION LETTER below my comments. Christine
Lewis Taylor is "on loan" from the US FDA to the World Health Organization
where she has just selected 18 mainstream dogma nutritionists who are all
clones of her (Dietician) self to "fill in the blanks" on allowable potency
levels for vitamins and minerals at Codex.

Below you will find the REJECTION LETTER sent to an orthomolecular D.O.
(doctor of Osteopathy) with many years of clinical experience who wished to
participate in WHO's so called "Nutrient Risk Assessment Workshop" in May
(just before Codex moves to ratify their mindless, draconian global trade
standard for vitamins and minerals from July 4-9 in Rome.

Every single applicant from our side has been rejected, and there were
hundreds. This is Eugenics. This is an effort to cull our numbers, plain
and simple. I had death threats for pushing for Congressional Oversight on
this issue and the hearing I pushed for for 5 years was WHITEWASHED on
March 20, 2001 by a stooge of Pfizer who is on NNFA's International
Committee. The supplement industry has been badly infiltrated from within.

Right now IAHF is doing some behind the scenes stuff that we're not fully
at liberty to discuss in an effort to turn this horrible situation around.
We're working closely with allied groups. If any of you will be at Expo
West, please contact me immediately with your name, email address, and
phone numbers along with a list of any contacts you have in the industry
who might help us. Keep in mind this industry is being led to the cliff
from within, and I have no choice but to carefully scrutinize anyone who
approaches me on a high level offering to help.

HERE IS WHOs REJECTION LETTER...... after you read it, please forward my
most recent article widely and urge
everyone you know to sign on to the IAHF list at and to
watch the DVD of our Emergency Health Freedom Mtg "Push Back from Codex
Cliff" at Please snowball this alert!!

Dear Applicant,

Recently you submitted an application to be considered for selection as an
expert scientific participant for an upcoming joint FAO/WHO workshop
entitled "Nutrient Risk Assessment: A Model for Establishing Upper Levels of
Intake for Nutrients and Related Substances."

As you may know, the qualifications for these expert scientists were
outlined in the Call for Experts as posted on the WHO and FAO websites in
November 2004. As described in the Call for Experts, qualifications
included among other factors training as well as professional experience at
the national and/or international level in the areas of nutrition,
toxicology, dietary exposure, statistics, food technology, biochemistry,
pharmacology and other closely related disciplines.

Moreover, the selection
process was to provide for an interdisciplinary balance of expertise as well
as to take into account geographical representation and gender balance among
the participants.

Many applications were received by the close date of 7 January 2005. During
the recent weeks FAO and WHO have selected a total of 18 participants, men
and women from a range of geographic areas. We regret to inform you that
you were not among those selected. However, we nonetheless wish to thank
you for your application and for your interest in the work.

Further to your interest, please know that any further information about the
workshop will be posted on the FAO and WHO websites. You may recall that
the plans for the workshop have included soliciting public input for this
activity at two points in time. The first request for input occurred between
1 November 2004 and 7 January 2005. On 1 November, FAO/WHO posted a
Background Paper on their websites that outlined key issues and the
scientific challenges related to nutrient risk assessment. The Background
Paper also asked a series of questions.

All interested persons were invited
to submit responses to the questions through 10 December. The responses
received have been posted on the website so that all can view the input
provided. A Call for Information was also conducted from 1 November until 7
January. Both the responses to the Background Paper questions and the
materials received as a result of the Call for Information will be made
available to the scientific experts who will take part in the workshop.

second opportunity for public input will occur at the time the workshop
report is completed. The report will be posted on the FAO/WHO websites for
comment (approximately June 2005). Comments received will be taken into
consideration before the report is considered for distribution by FAO/WHO.
Thank you again for your application.
Sincerely, NR Project Administrators`

email sent by:
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America

Re: The battle to save our supplements

Posted by Ron [3195.1671] on February 20, 2005 at 12:29:02:

In Reply to: The battle to save our supplements posted by Cezanne [1073.1463] on February 20, 2005 at 08:23:20:

Hi Cezanne,

That selection committee sounds suspiciously like the
Olympic Organizing Committee which worries more about
the appearance of propriety than the reality of it.

It also sounds like the congressional voting and approval of
Federal Judicial nominees which are blocked at any cost by the


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Re: The battle to save our supplements (Archive in CODEX.)

Posted by Walt Stoll [9.1465] on February 21, 2005 at 08:17:19:

In Reply to: The battle to save our supplements posted by Cezanne [1073.1463] on February 20, 2005 at 08:23:20:

Thanks, Cezanne.

I hope people will take heed.


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