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Posted by
TL on August 14, 2002 at 00:13:18:

Dear Walt,

I can;t find an answer to this question in the site: As I
understand it, inflammation--especially chronic--inhibits
the proper healing of injuries, but the un-healed injury
creates inflammation, resulting in a vicious cycle of
inflammation and a non healing injury. (please correct me if
I’m wrong) But what if the inflammation were artificially
tamed for a little while with an NSAID, allowing the injury
to heal more? Would the cycle be upset? With the foundation
I have laid with daily meditation and relaxation and diet to
help heal a case of costochondritis, could this possibly
“get me further from the cliff edge” even more so that I can
come closer to full healing? I have no intention of
abandoning the meditation, but I’m wondering if this
strategy might bear any fruit.

I intuitively agree that costo is largely caused by stress
build-up. But remember that my case stemms from a ports
injury, a pretty violent series of blows to the chest over
several days which probably caused some physical damage to
the cartalage/rib joints(ammature boxing). The injury is now
five monthes old. So my case is not one of these
“spontaneous” afflictions hwere it pops up suddenly,
although stress build-up is undoubtedly what made me
vulnerable in the ifrst place. What would you say about a
three week course of NSAIDs? I cringe at the thought, and
I've only been taking gingerm tumeric, omega oils and
glucosamine for the inflmation, but I'm wondering about this

I apologize for the long winded question. I would greatly
appreciate your

Re: costochondritis (Archive in functional anatomy.)

Posted by Walt Stoll on August 15, 2002 at 07:47:13:

In Reply to: costochondritis posted by TL on August 14, 2002 at 00:13:18:

Thanks, TL.

Actually, there are at least 2 different and opposing types of "inflammatory" pathways: prostaglandin I & II. One prepares the way to healing by "inflammation" and the other actually does the healing. Our desperate application of the allopathic paradigm (relieve symptons at any cost) is one of the reasons allopathy is so consistantly a failure at curing any chronic condition.

As you know, the chronic use of NSAIDS have been consistantly shown to accelerate the damage of things like arthritis, over the long haul. We are just beginning to appreciate why that is. I do not believe that occasional use of these substances significantly worsens the conditions.

The mechanism of causation of costo is the mechanical stress caused by the bracing. Relief of this mechanical stress on the muscles, and their attachments between the ribs, is the only thing I have seen permanently relieve this condition.

Hope this helps.


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