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Cranial Osteopathy

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There have been a few posts to the Ask Dr Stoll Bulletin Board (BB) regarding Cranial Osteopathy. Some of them have been archived here. The archive is roughly chronological. I hope you find it useful.

Summary for Cranial Osteopathy:

Cranial Osteopathy works with structural causes of chronic conditions of head. There are 22 separate bones that make up the skull. Their rhythmic movement (an average of 16 pumps a minute)is what circulates the cerebro-spinal fluid; which supplies 75% of the nutrition and oxygen to the brain.

Stress and/or injury can jam the bones together so that their very gentle movement cannot occur and it takes a very skilled manipulatioin to get them broken free so their normal movement can continue.

Chronic headaches, vertigo, ear infections in children, sinus congestion, brain chemistry imbalances, etc., can be related to this problem. For more information contact www.rhemamed.com.osteo3.htm or call (317) 594-0411.

Walt Stoll, MD

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