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Say Walt, I've got this friend...

Posted by Greg on September 01, 1998 at 01:13:47:

I've got this friend, sort on the shy side (which is why she won't post herself)
who has these symptoms:

1. She's about 25-30 pounds overweight.
2. Her diet consists of 90% fried foods, mostly fried chicken,
french fries, barbequed spare rib tips, and butter fried hot dogs.
The other 10% consists of bagles, coffee, bananas and iced tea, and water.

It's something of a miracle that she is still alive with this diet.
My question regards two observable symptoms which have recently
come to the fore:

A. Upon drinking water, not more than 5 minutes will pass when she
has to go to the bathroom to urinate. Almost to the drop, she'll
piss it all out again.
It does not appear to be diabetes. Docs say her blood sugar is in
the normal range (I know about them 'recalibrating' the normal range
to reclassify normal and head off declaring millions of people [epidemic proportions] as diabetic).
Even with that, she is still far in the 'normal' range.
(um yes, her father is diabetic but this is something she has been
more or less diligent about. She says "Docs checked me out. It ain't diabetes!")

B. When she comes over my place, she starts wheezing and gets
asthma-type symptoms. I've got a dog, but nearly everyone who comes over has at most, extremely mild reactions.
The current dog (I've had 1 other (a German Shepard) is a Collie generates a considerable amount of hair, and I have to supposition,
'animal dander.'

I can't prove it, but I get a strong feeling that her immune system is
fragile at best. She claims that this is not so, and that there is
"something in your house" that is causing the problem.

Other items of note:
Acne that will not clear up,
Semi addiction to intestional cleansers,
and for as long as I've know her, she has been extremely high strung.
I've taken a somewhat unhealthy delight in scaring the bejeejus
out of her if walking with her on a dark walking quickly away,
hiding behind a tree, and then yelling "boo!"
She knows it's me, but she jumps anyway.

In any event, many things which most of us ignore will startle her.
I've told her that she is quite high strung and anxiety-ridden, and could benefit from a skilled-relaxation
programme, but she phoo-phooed the idea and seemed to think
that it didn't really apply to her.

So Walt, what (besides the obvious) would you say is ailing her?
It is mainly the urination that concerns me. I realize that it is
difficult to diagnose from a distance, with limited, second hand
information, but I know she will listen if only because I've never
steered her wrong, and places great faith in 'alternative sources.'


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Re: Say Walt, I've got this friend...

Posted by Walt Stoll on September 02, 1998 at 16:51:13:

In Reply to: Say Walt, I've got this friend... posted by Greg on September 01, 1998 at 01:13:47:

Dear Greg,

"You can take a horse to water-----------------------!" Until SHE is ready to educate herself, there is NOTHING either of us can do.

When she gets ready (which may not be till she has something really serious "break") get her to read Dr Pelletier's clasic: "Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer". Once she reads that, she will no longer have any excuse for not wanting to know what is coming.

NEXT: she has diabetes until proven otherwise. I will bet that her lazy doc "checked" her blood an an empty stomach. 95% of all adult diabetics have a normal fasting blood sugar (known & taught in medical schools for more than 40 years) and yet more than 99% of physicians are too lazy to explain to the patient the importance of getting a blood sugar exactly 2 hours after a measured meal. Even THAT test is only about 90% accurate while the fasting test is 95% INACCURATE. Finally, if she REALLY wants to know, she will get a 5 hour glucose tolerance test. For THIS to be 99% accurate she needs to load her system with carbohdrates (at least 400 (1600 calories) grams per day for the 3 days prior to the test). The laboratory requirements are all standard &, if her doc won't go to the bother to explain it to her, have her go to the lab & ask them.

She at least has endocrinopathy with leaky gut syndrome as the cause of her environmental sensitivities.

If she is not interested in helping herself, why bother bothering her? Just love her as she is & wait till she is sick enough to want to be better.


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