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diabetic thanks; seek help for seizures and nerves

Posted by Jena on August 11, 1998 at 09:59:53:

First, Dr. Stoll, I am extremely grateful for your advice to others with diabetic neuropathy to take high doses of Vitamins C and E, multivitamins with B complex, and trace minerals. In trying these myself, my diabetic neuropathy in my feet has not been eliminated, but it has drastically reduced in intensity so that it stays in the background and lets me think about something else! I'm taking 3000 mg of Vit. Ester-C twice a day, 400 mg of Vit E twice a day, a multivitamin with Vit. B, and trace minerals that include 250 mg of magnesium twice a day. Thank you!! I'm currently recooperating from an injury that resulted in diabetic osteoarthropathy.

My primary reason to write is in seeking help for my son's fiancee. While he has medical insurance, she does not, and has no help from her family. She is no longer taking college classes nor holding a job because of seizures. She is 20 years old and began having an occasional seizure last fall. I took her to a university hospital where an MRI and EEG were both negative. She was given a new medication, but the side effects scared her so much that she has not taken them. The seizures have increased to 3-4 a day. She becomes unconscious, falls to the floor, and her head and body jerk violently to the right repeatedly for a minute or so until it runs its course. She awakens and asks if she just had a spell. In addition, she has lost feeling in her arms and legs. She cannot tell if she is being poked and doesn't feel it if the cat bites her. She cannot distinguish between hot and cold. After what to her was a very negative experience in the fall with a doctor that was difficult to understand, I have turned her focus back there again because her foundation work was there, and that hospital will turn no one away (though bill collectors do hound her). She is now in touch with a social worker there and a financial social worker, and a helpful lady from the Epilepsy Foundation, and is seeking to apply for the hospital's charity care. Three weeks ago she was directed to a different doctor, an internal medicine doctor, who cannot see her for another four weeks. I want to ask you if there are any supplements that would help her that she could start now.

Re: diabetic thanks; seek help for SEIZURESand nerves

Posted by Walt Stoll on August 14, 1998 at 18:47:46:

In Reply to: diabetic thanks; seek help for seizures and nerves posted by Jena on August 11, 1998 at 09:59:53:

Dear Jena,

Thanks for the testimonial. I sometimes think that BB participants take what I say with a grain of salt thinking to themselves: "If this works so well, why has not MY doctor told me about it?!" Who is going to make money on what you are doing now?

Well, this is why I wrote my book the way I did. People need to realize that they are being victimized by the medical monopoly every day. Testimonials like yours serve to short circuit that kind of thinking.

There is every likelyhood that you will continue to improve for a couple of years--albeit slower.

So far as your son's fiance is concerned, more than 10 years ago it was reported in the medical literature that most seizures could be aborted by people learning to reliably produce the "relaxation response" I have discussed so many times right here on this BB. If they practiced it at least twice a day, within a few months, their frequency of seizures would greatly decrease.

One of the nice side effects of doing this is that the individual becomes enough more aware of their bodyminds that they can produce the alpha/theta state on demand AND, when they feel a seizure coming on, they can abort it by producing the rhythm. Presently these seizures seem to be "without warning" because of the lack of just that sensitivity. There ARE warnings that anyone can learn to sense! The main benefit of the recent reports that dogs can sense these seizures coming on is that the dog may be able to give even more advance warning than just the increased bodymind awareness which is NOT inconsequential.


WHY is this not standard therapy? There is no money in it for the pharmaceutical companies!

Re: seizures and nerves

Posted by Jena on August 18, 1998 at 02:21:54:

In Reply to: diabetic thanks; seek help for seizures and nerves posted by Jena on August 11, 1998 at 09:59:53:


I think there is a crucial question to be asked here. Does you sons fiancee drink DIET sodas or use equal/nutrasweet/aspartame?

This product is known for causing these types of symptoms. If she does use them have her take the 60 day test of NOT ingesting any more. If she is diabetic she can supplement Stevia for sweetness.

Personal experiences with this type of problem related to nutrasweet can be found at www.holisticmed.net/aspartame/adverse.txt

It's at least worth checking into. I should have thought to mention this sooner.

Actually, her symptoms sound very similar to a friend of mine who has MS. Aspartame can also trigger MS symptoms.

Hope this helps,

Re: seizures and nerves

Posted by Walt Stoll on August 19, 1998 at 11:31:24:

In Reply to: Re: seizures and nerves posted by Jena on August 18, 1998 at 02:21:54:

Dear Jena,


Those interested in the aspartame connection should go to the archives and read about it.


Re: seizures and nerves

Posted by Linda Hynds on August 19, 1998 at 11:39:21:

In Reply to: Re: seizures and nerves posted by Walt Stoll on August 19, 1998 at 11:31:24:

Hi Jena,

Thanks for making the aspartme reaction site available. You are so right. I had a local MD advise me to STAY AWAY FROM IT. She said you will NEVER see any articles in the medical journals or health magazines about it because there are too many "higher ups" who have a financial interest in this and would stand to lose much if the public knew about the dangers. Scary, isn't it?

Namaste` Linda

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