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Posts to Ask Dr Stoll BB regarding DMSO

There have been a few posts to the Ask Dr Stoll Bulletin Board (BB) regarding DMSO. Many of them have been archived here. The archive is roughly chronological. I hope you find it useful.

Summary for DMSO:

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)is an industrial solvent which was accidentally discovered to have the unusual property of treating the skin as though it was transparent AND further having the ability to carry anything mixed with it through the skin as well.

Many books have been written about this but the fact that it is so cheap and cannot be patented has inhibited research that would have had it on the market as one of the significant advances in medicine for the 20th century.

It also is the only effective treatment for scleroderma and is very effective in clearing bruises and helping arthritic inflammation. If used topically and intravenously, immediately after spinal or brain injury, it has been shown to reduce permanent damage significantly. Go to your library.

Walt Stoll, MD

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