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strange symptoms - dysautonomia???

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strange symptoms - dysautonomia???

Posted by
Toni on January 29, 2000 at 22:48:06:

Has anyone heard of a disorder with the following symptoms:
Temporal lobe pseudo-seizures with extremely rapid cycling
No loss of consciousness during "seizures"
Raynaud's phenomenon
Dilated Pupils
Rapid Blood Pressure increase
Sweating and flushing (especially when symptoms triggered by warmth)
tingling and numbness in hands and feet
craving for milk/calcium
Symptoms worse during pms/menstrual cycle

My 16 year old daughter suddenly grew an inch last October. She had not grown at all since age 12. At the same time, she developed the strange symptoms listed above and was admitted to the hospital with what looked like seizures, accompanied by changes in B.P. heart rate, dilated pupils, bluish hands and feet, severe headache. She was put through one month of tests of every sort, including mri'sj, a pet scan, catecholamine screening, blood tests, etc... and was released to psychiatry with a "pseudo-seizure". After a month of "therapy" it was determined that she is not "nuts", but is suffering from an unknown disorder that is affecting her autonomic nervous system. The seizures stopped after we tried acupuncture in desperation. Now she gets more severe migraine symptoms but she has no seizure-type episodes. The trigger seems to be changes in temperature - either heat or cold. When she is too hot, the symptoms include flushing and sweating. These syptoms occur simultaneously and about 20 times per day -- when she opens the fridge, goes from inside to out, changes classes at school, etc... If she stays at a constant temperature (eg. when she's in bed) she has NO symptoms! She was put on a calcium channel blocker for the Raynaud's, which helps somewhat, but this is not just Raynaud's! She is otherwise healthy, upbeat, and is trying hard to have a normal life. She seems to have some of the symptoms of dysautonomia, but does not fit into the larger categories within this disorder (ie orthostatic imbalance, baroreflex, Shy-Dragger, etc...). She has been tested for MVP but she does not seem to have a prolapsed mitral valve (even though both I and her grandmother have it). We are desperate for answers. Does anyone out there have any ideas which might help? I want my healthy, normal child back!

A Desperate Mom

Re: strange symptoms - dysautonomia??? (YES! And it better get reversed soon.) ARCHIVE in stress.

Posted by Walt Stoll on January 31, 2000 at 12:25:35:

In Reply to: strange symptoms - dysautonomia??? posted by Toni on January 29, 2000 at 22:48:06:

Hi, Toni (Desperate Mom).

If she does not reverse the causes, she will progress into the full blown dysautonomia.

I can tell you why this is happening but only an advanced physician will know about it and so (even thyough they have not a clue as to what to do strictly conventional docs tend to say, "That is not it even though we do not know what it IS.")

I can tell you how to think differently so you will understand, Your daughter had best learn this WITH you, if you want best and quickest results, since she is the one who will have to do it. You BOTH will have to decide how deeply you want to learn this.

If I knew what part of the country you lived in, I might know someone, personally in that part of the contry who could guide you both through this. THEN, as she gets well, I hope you both will take the time to share yoru experiences with the participants of this BB. Others are "slipping down this slippery slope" and her testimonial could help others not get this bad.

Although a tumor of the hypothalamus could, concievably, cause this, a MUCH more likely scenario is a "functional" problem with the hypothalamus. The most likely cause of THAT has been discussed almost every day, on this BB, for many years.

In the long run, the only thing that will resolve this permanently in the correct practice of SR. AND, given that this has been so severe and so young in life, she must never stop it unless she is ready to have it come back (likely even worse since she would be older and less able to cope with it then).

Dr Selye (the top researcher, in the world, in this area---STILL considered so even 20 years after his death) knew this 50 years ago. Today, Dr Pelletier (Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer) and Herbert Benson, MD (harvard medical school professor--"The Relaxation Response") are likely your best resources and THEY are only building on Selye's work for public consupmtion. Dr Selye's best book for the public was "The Stress of Life".

In the meantime, use the search engine, glossary (for any unfamiliar terms and opening to "limbo" [unarchived notes]), archives and home page for subjects like SR, dysautonomia, bracing, stress-effect, MVP and the related subjects.

The ONLY way anyone will understand what she is going through is by "seeing the forest for the trees". The only thing her docs have done so far is look at the trees!

THEN, if you still have questions, write again.


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