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There have been several posts to the Ask Dr Stoll
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Here is a link directly to Dr Stoll's explanation
of why people should not
use q-tips to clean inner ear

Ear Problems Summary:

There are 2 basic kinds of ear infections: middle ear (otitis media) the kind most physicians give antibiotics for--with no research recommending that and much that says it does no good; AND external otitis (swimmer's ear) an infection in the canal that goes to the outside. Both are almost totally preventable and the same things that prevent them are the things that heal them as well.

Finally there is the kind of ear pain that nearly everyone thinks comes from the ear but is due to TMA (TMJ).

For the first kind, avoiding all dairy products prevents more than 90% of recurrent otitis media. Chiropractic adjustment more quickly clears up an acute case than anything conventional MDs have to offer.

For the second kind, just pour enough mineral oil into the canal to fill it up before swimming and do the same thing with rubbing alcohol after swimming. Since nearly every case comes from retained water in the ear this simple expedient will eliminate nearly all cases of recurrent otitis media. For a first case, this will, of course, do nothing and the doc may need to be seen for antibiotic drops, syringing out any retained wax and something for pain.

For the TMA case, only dealing with the causes of TMA (see the TMJ info on the 'site) will resolve it.

For any other questions, write the BB.

Walt Stoll, MD

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