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Ear cracking and popping

Posted by Rob on September 21, 1998 at 17:57:04:

Hi Doctor Stoll,

I have written you before about food sensitivities and I now have your book and am in the process of reading it now. Thanks for the autograph by the way. Another extremely bothersome problem I have is cracking and popping ears. They ring almost all the time also and itch sometimes. When I move my neck they crack and pop. When I swallow they do the same thing. Somtimes it feels and sounds like tiny bubbles are running up the back of my neck right where my skull meets my spine. All of this drives me nuts. I have tried ear wax products and other things and they don't seem to help much except that they get out a pretty good amount of wax. I look forward to any help on this matter. Also, I have been on your "ginger juice" for about a week now. I hope it works! I do have a bad problem with heartburn, but also with regurgitation. Sometimes I can easily bring up what I have just eaten. Sometimes what I ate the night before! It seems the food just stays in my throat until I eat another meal to push it down. Any idea on this one? I really appreciate your help and your site!

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Re: Ear cracking and popping

Posted by Walt Stoll on September 22, 1998 at 13:20:41:

In Reply to: Ear cracking and popping posted by Rob on September 21, 1998 at 17:57:04:

Hi, Rob.

If you do not hear from Doc Dave about this, in a few days, write your note again and put his name in th title to draw his attention. Structural problems are at least contributing to this condition.

From MY standpoint, I would ask if you are allowing your teeth to touch when you are relaxed. This should never happen and could cause this all by itself.

Finally, this problem is behind the eardrum. Your structural problem is interfering with the eustacian tube that runs from the middle ear to the throat. NOTHING you can do from the outside will have any effect (ear wax, etc) since the problem is on the other side of the drum.

Talk at me. Walt

Re: Ear cracking and popping

Posted by David Ferguson, D.C. on September 22, 1998 at 13:51:28:

In Reply to: Ear cracking and popping posted by Rob on September 21, 1998 at 17:57:04:

Dr. Stoll is right on target regarding the eustatian tubes. For a reason that is yet to be fully understood, chiropractic care and the correction of cervical subluxations has a high incidence of resolution with these types of problems. You might want to seriously think about getting an examination by a chiropractor in the near future.

Incidentally, I have found that lower thoracic subluxations and GERD go hand in hand and that the correction of these subluxations has a high success rate as well.

Make sure you stick with the skilled relaxation.

Best of luck and let me know if you need help finding a chiropractor in your area.

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