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Posted by Maggie on December 22, 1998 at 23:02:18:

Mt Daughter who is only four (4) months old has this reflux thing. She was prescribed 0.7 ml of Zantac 2 time s a day. Im really not happy about her being on this med, because of the dangers, and possible death. ( Or so I have read, via other web pages) How can I make this ginger root for her. I know an adult takes 1 teaspoon a day, what would the amount be for a child who is only 13 ponds. Also, were do I get the ginger root, and how and should I give it to a baby???

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Re: Reflux

Posted by Walt Stoll on December 23, 1998 at 10:28:33:

In Reply to: Reflux posted by Maggie on December 22, 1998 at 23:02:18:

Dear Maggie,

BOY! I really doubt that you could get a baby to take this. It takes all the will power most adults have to do it. Try some yourself so you will know what you are dealing with.

There seems to be no toxic dose so it wouldn't hurt for the baby to use the adult dose. However, if it were me trying to get this little tyke to take this, I would probably use 1/4th tsp.

HOWEVER, having said that, this condition at this age means that the cause is LGS and Candida-Related Syndrome. You need to learn about that in children and deal with it. The reflux is the least of the problems that will eventually be caused by this & this age is the easiest to deal with that.


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