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Posted by geoff dixon on December 25, 1998 at 23:15:38:

Dear Dr.Stoll
Having read your advice on using ginger for the relief of the symptoms associated with hiatus hernia I was very keen to see if it worked for myself.
I have been troubled with stomach problems for a number of years and have undergone three gastroscopies, the first confirmed a peptic ulcer, the second confirmed that it had been healed and the third many years later(two years ago) showed a hiatus hernia. Since that time I have been on various anti ulcer drugs ( pepcidine and losec, the latter being the most effective )
I have not been happy with this treatment as the symptoms have started to worsen and I have increased the dosage to counteract this. I seem to become very irritable rather than suffer with too much pain or indigestion. In fact this had been a problem going back many years and I now feel that the hernia is the cause and it is not a mental problem. When on the drugs I am usually very placid.
Having tried the ginger the results where disappointing and towards the end of the three week period I started to take losec again as I had become very irritable and had bad indigestion. I am now feeling a lot better since being back on the drugs but would appreciate your advice on other options. I am continuing to take the ginger each morning on arising and I have nothing to eat for at least 15mins. I am a vegan if this has any relevance and my age is 51.
Yours truly
Geoff Dixon

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Re: hiatus hernia

Posted by Walt Stoll on December 26, 1998 at 09:50:07:

In Reply to: hiatus hernia posted by geoff dixon on December 25, 1998 at 23:15:38:

Dear Geoff,

I appreciate your taking the time to share your expereinces since it gives me another chance to help YOU and to remind others with similar problems that HH is always related to LGS. The GRJ is only meant to relieve the symptoms of GERD and does nothing I know of about any causes.

There sometimes are people who have been told that their symptoms were due to the GERD when, indeed, they were due to the LGS and NOT the GERD. When these people take the GRJ, they do not see any difference BECAUSE the diagnosis was wrong: the symptoms were due to LGS (which intentionally ignorant practitioners of the medical monopoly still are trying to say does not exist). If it does not exist, how can the practitioner consider ascribing the symptoms to it? They have to blame the symptoms on something that they DO admit exists.

Is this making sense to you? ALL of the things you mentioned are caused by LGS; they do not cause each other.

I doubt that continuing to take the GRJ will do anything for your symptoms. It will not hurt you but why continue something when it is not doing anything for you?

In the long run, the only thing we yet know that will reverse LGS is the regular practice of SR. Once you have accomplished that for 6-12 months, ANY symptoms you have left can be addressed on an individual basis. What have you been doing along that line?

If you have any energy left after you have disciplined yourself into learning this skill, & practicing it as described, you might consider connecting with Robert MCFerran on this BB. Your vegan diet MIGHT have a bearing on this and, if it does, you will get quicker LGS symptomatic results that way while you are waiting for the SR which is still necessary.


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