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Posted by
Richard on February 28, 2001 at 08:26:50:

I am 20 years old and I have been experiencing some problems with acid reflux. I have read all the archives so I am aware of skilled relaxation and GRJ and their benefits.

The whole thing started about a month ago and I was getting sharp sensations all over my chest which at first I thought was related to my heart. On the weekend...I had a few drinks, and later that night, i vomited what felt like pure acid. The next day when I ate, I regurgitated what seemed like undigested food and later that night I womited more acid. As I was vomiting it felt like soomething in my neck flipped and then flipped back. Ever since that day I have had episodes of regurgitation after large meals and acid reflux. I am now on losec which has leped the symptoms considerably, but a couple of times I have had that 'flipping' sensation in my throat. It comes about when I feel something is in my throat and I try and burp from my trhoat but there is nothing there. I think I might have strained some muscles through constant attempts to burp when there is nothing actually there.

I had a barium swallow and there was no sign of hiatal hernia, diverticula or any impairment of swallowing mechanism. I dont have a problem with swallowing but I do seem to have this strange sensation in my throat which makes me want to clear my throat and subsequently I have had this 'flipping' sensation like a ligament or muscle gets stuck.

I am going to have an endoscopy and possibly pH manometry. But I have lost faith in the medical profession to provide a suitable solution (even though I am a medical student!). I have been to see an applied kinesiologist (specialising in N.O.T.) but I am not sure how much that is helping as I have been on losec since I started the treatment.

I have started practicing skilled relaxation but find it very hard. I have a constant battle in trying to believe that the skilled relaxation will help my problem so my mind often wanders. One day I am optimistic and the next I am a bit depressed.

I must also mention that I am a worrier (it has never affected my eating before though), and I suffer from recurrent chalazion cysts in my eyelids and very sweaty hands.....both of which my applied kinesiologist thinks are quite significant. In retrospect, I remember I had been to the gym the 2 days before my symptoms began and I thought this might have caused a herniation (but nothing showed up on the barium swallow)?
Also, the week before the symptoms started I had been eating a lot of muesli and my mother feels this may be significant as she has food intolerance and has problems digesting uncooked oats? I dont think this is as signifcant as I did not really have any symptoms after eating the oats.

I would like to know if it is really possible to rid myself of all these symptoms for good. I am trying hard to keep to the skilled relaxation but as I have said my mind is filled with inner doubts and scepticism so it makes it hard to progress consistently. I feel the need some form of encouragement from someone like yourself who has witnessed these problems and cured them. I would be extremely grateful for any encouragement or tips to help me along my path.


Posted by beegs on February 28, 2001 at 19:53:11:

In Reply to:! posted by Richard on February 28, 2001 at 08:26:50:

getthe ph test and endoscopy. i have been thru hell with gerd. im only 32,nd onl had symptoms 4 months ago,or 6,whatever. anyway, i got worse and worse, so i got scoped,and i have barretts, its re cancer. so at least get scoped. i personally had not much success wih ginger. the sr will help, but if your valve is defective,it could be other things.

Re:! Beegs I have a question.

Posted by Garrett Anthony on February 28, 2001 at 21:48:16:

In Reply to: Re:! posted by beegs on February 28, 2001 at 19:53:11:

Beegs Ive read a lot of your posts. Im sorry for your suffering. I too suffer with Gerd, and Barretts. Ive had these now for almost a year. I read that you can't work with this. Can you tell me why?
The most typical symptom of GERD is heartburn. This is when heartburn is present at least 3 or 4 times a week. Other symptoms Ive had on occasion is chest pain, regurgitation, difficulty swallowing and even coughs and hoarseness. This is what helped me, losing weight, this can reduce pressure in the abdomen and decrease reflux. Eating small more frequent meals and avoiding eating prior to lying down or going to bed helps. Sufferers of heartburn who have symptoms at night can, on occasion, improve their symptoms by elevating the head of the bed or sleeping on a special wedge. You need to be careful about elevating your head with pillows as this may bend you in the wrong place and actually cause more symptoms. Avoiding foods that are associated with heartburn such as orange juice, spicy and fatting foods, chocolate and coffee. Relief doesnt happen overnight, it takes time and you have to stick with it.
As for Barretts esophagus,it is a complication of GERD. Its not understood exactly why it occurs. It is the growth of stomach and intestinal lining in the damaged esophagus. When this tissue is in the esophagus it increases the risk of cancer. This doesnt mean on will GET camcer. No one knows why some individuals with GERD develop Barrett while others do not. Until that is known,one will not be able to prevent Barrett's from occurring. However, people with severe longstanding GERD symptoms should be screened to see if they have Barrett's esophagus. If Barrett's is found, it can be monitored and treatment directed at Barrett's can be done before cancer develops.
If this is the same thing you experience, then I know how you feel...exactly. But one ca go out and work with this. One can lead an almost normal life. I am a postal supervisor and on the weekends, I tend my own bar. I have 2 other employees with the same disorders I have and these people sometimes work functions at my lounge from early morning to early evening. I don't understand why you are unable to work. I also read that you get disability, both of these people applied because they were so bad, and were turned down, they were told that their medical condition did not require them to be disability. I read how you are able to collect, may I ask how you got around this?

Re:! Beegs I have a question.

Posted by beegs on March 01, 2001 at 10:52:29:

In Reply to: Re:! Beegs I have a question. posted by Garrett Anthony on February 28, 2001 at 21:48:16:

my gerd is everyday, not 3x a week. the problem is that i have alot of bad reactions to the ppi drugs. alot of my symptoms are not helped by meds. i had 135 refluxes in 24 hrs,when i did the 24 hr ph test. and im developing a swallowing disorder. if i was able to tolerate the meds, i might be ok. have tried all four ppi drugs. as far as the disability, i had to apply, show proof, get a letter from a shrik, showing has this is affecting my life,etc. i think the letter from a shrink was the key. i sucks. i am a candidate for surgery,and have backed out twice. i maybe tore the valve, because i still reflux, while on meds. i also had an ulcer. im afraid surgery willbe putting a lid on a boiling pot. i know i have candida,and im checking for parasites, all these things contribut to gerd, im trying to get on a med,and use supplements to counter my side effects. i tried zantac and al that, but they werent strong enough. so im now trying prevacid again. what med are you taking? my digestion has suffered badly since starting these meds. also, you can get h pylori from bing on the meds,which sucks. i cant lose weight,im underweight, my bed is elavated,etc. i read a study, that people with barretts,are refluxing acid and bile, so by taking ppis, the bile is not neutralized by acid,and it does more damage. i know a guy who had barretts,and it turned to cancer while on prilosec. these strong acid drugs have been around for about 10 yrs,and throat cancer has risen big time in the last ten years. shouldnt the meds have helped it/ or have they added to the numbers?

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Re:! (Archive)

Posted by Walt Stoll on March 02, 2001 at 08:53:19:

In Reply to:! posted by Richard on February 28, 2001 at 08:26:50:

Hi, Richard.

Only knowledge can get you past your "doubts". Try reading Herbert Benson, MD's classic "The Relaxation Response". Perhaps, since he is a tenured professor at the Harvard Medical School, even a medical student can accept his references. Done correctly the SR will take 6-12 months to resolve this problem. Of course it will resolve your nervousness, etc., at the same time as a pleasant side effect.

If you want to see the basic research, you are going to have to read Hans Selye, MD's classic )The Stress of Life".
Let us know what you learn.

What happened with the GRJ?

Perhaps it is time for you to consider Naturopathic or Chiropractic school.


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