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Knee Problems

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Knee Problems Summary:

The knee joint is especially susceptible to all of the causes of arthritis (see the archive about arthritis) since it is out there where it can be injured, has to bear the entire weight of the body with every step, has long bones that place leverage on the joint--on each side of the joint, etc.

Chiropractors understand what people can do to change their habits that may be contributing to the "tracking" of the joint. Ask Doc Dave and Dr. Kim on the BB. Rolfing can help with this as well.

Keeping weight low, avoiding "bracing", doing SR, taking glucosamine and essential oils, considering LGS and the immunological connection (see Robert McFerran on the BB) will help your knee joint out-last you.

See the glossary for any unfamiliar terms.

Walt Stoll. MD

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