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Joint Pain

Posted by Hugh Williams on September 07, 1998 at 16:52:43:

I have an unusual case of joint pain and Im looking for some guidance. 8 months ago I started having pain in my right knee when it was bent. This was diagnosed by an orthopedist as chrondomalacia but it did not respond to any of the usual treatments. 2 months ago I started having similar pain in my left knee. This pain progressed to the point of excruciation and I was totally bedridden for three weeks before finally seeing a rheumatologist who gave me some muscle relaxers. These made me about 50% better and I can at least walk now. However, I still have pain in both knees (mostly when they are bent), and sporadic (about half the time) soreness/aching in the back of my neck, both sides of my lower back, shoulder blades and elbows. I am also experiencing abnormally dry skin on my hands and feet (to the point of peeling skin). I have been tested for lymes disease, white blood cell count, rheumatoid arthritis and sedimentation rate, all of which were normal/negative. It is very frustrating because all the doctors seem to want to do is treat symptoms and not look any further for the cause. I would appreciate any insight into what my problem actually is.

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Re: Joint Pain

Posted by Walt Stoll on September 08, 1998 at 10:50:57:

In Reply to: Joint Pain posted by Hugh Williams on September 07, 1998 at 16:52:43:

Dear Hugh,

From your note, I have little doubt that the diagnosis is correct.

Your note describes such a typical combination of symptoms that your getting well will be a wonderful example of the superiority of "seeing the forest for the trees". I hope you will take the time to share your expereinces, as you get well, with the bb participants so others with your same problems will be helped as well.

FIRST, just to get you some physiologic relief (improving your symptoms by actually getting at some of the causes)---
if I am right about your basic causes, they ALL will improve with these approaches.

1. Go to the FAQ page & get started on the essential oils listed there.
2. Get started on 750 milligrams of glucosamine sulfate twice a day.

Next, to get to more basic causes, you need to read about fibromyositis on this bb (including the FAQ page) AND osteochondrosis and chondromalacia in the archives.

Next, every time your knees hurt, you are making this worse. Use this guideline to avoid more damage until you can heal this problem. Exercise would be very helpful but it MUST be non-weightbearing exercise (like the underwater exercises that every community now offers at their indoor pool facilities of the schools or YMCAs. The worst thing you can do is walk stairs or do deep knee-bends. Whatever hurts worst, is doing the most damage.

It is going to take you a year or two to heal this. In the meantime, every step you take (other than the underwater exercises) is one less step you will have for general use. Use the elevator. Park close to the door. Have the grocery carry out your groceries, etc. By that time, you will have become an expert in how to prevent recurrance.

Finally, NOTHING is going to resolve this permanently without your learning to discharge the chronic muscle bracing you are doing with your whole body (overload of fight or flight storage in the hypothalamus). This has been discussed extensively on this bb for years----see the archives. The only thing yet known that will discharge this "bracing" is the regular practice of skilled relaxation at least twice a day for 6-12 months. THEN, unless you continue it at least ONCE a day forever, the problem will eventually come back. WHY DO YOU THINK THE MUSCLE RELAXANTS HELPED?

Doc Dave will have some suggestions as to how to take the pressure off the wearing portions of your knees. Rolfing woudl give you significant prolonged relief. However, in the end, perhaps the most important single thing is the skilled relaxation because of the muscle tension causing so much greater pressure on the joint surfaces.


Re: Joint Pain

Posted by David Ferguson, D.C. on September 11, 1998 at 12:02:14:

In Reply to: Joint Pain posted by Hugh Williams on September 07, 1998 at 16:52:43:

If it were my body, I would run(or crawl) to a reputable chiropractor in your area. Skilled relaxation would also be at the top of my list.

ESPECIALLY since all the "tests" came back negative.

Best of luck to you.

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