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Chrones Disease - Dr. Stoll please help

Posted by Vicki on September 15, 1998 at 17:09:04:

My sister has chrones disease. She has no large intestine and part of her small has been removed also. Her large intestine fell apart when they tried to remove it, this is when she was about 29. She has had arthritis-like symptoms for many years but after a very bad car accident a year ago and a subsequent 'flare-up" of whatever her doctor told her she had spondylitis. She asked for blood tests and x-rays. She did not have the gene for spondylitis, no bone involvement, just a lot of joint pain and muscle aches, sometimes quite dibilitating. She did test "positive" for Lupus, but the number was borderline. She has several symptoms.

I have been suggesting for quite some time that she may have systemic food allergies contributing to this problem. She drinks a lot of whole milk, eats a lot of red meat, overdoses on sugar, etc. A lot of this is due to the fact she cannot maintain her weight easily nor gain it easily. Absorption problems enter in here, but she is also one of those body types that is very lean with a higher proportion of brown fat. Very high metabolism.

She'd like to cut out the dairy products, meat, and as much sugar as possible, but is very worried about how to keep her caloric count up high enough. She has eaten a very high junk food diet for years in addition to a lot of "good" food for the calories. I have always felt her diet has done more harm than good, but she has managed to keep her weight up to some degree with it and once you've seen someone you love at 84 lbs and they are 5'5" you figure whatever they can stuff down there throats has to help. She was hospitalized with a re-occurrence of the chrone's a few years ago for 9 days and lost 18 lbs. She has never been able to gain it all back.

What does one do when you have issues such as these? It has taken quite awhile for me to get the message across that anti-inflammatories and pain pills are not the way to go. And of course she has had more xrays, antibiotics, and steroids than you can shake a stick at over the years. She also drinks a lot of soda pop and I have been telling her she is an A-1 prime candidate for osteoporosis with all of the above.

I understand the stress-health relationship, realize that there are probably underlying reasons for the chrones in the first place, and we are slowly addressing these issues.

What would you suggest in the way of diet and food supplements.

I had her do a candida test I found on the net and she would be a likely candiate except she has no large bowel where I gather it lurks the most so we are unsure about that.

The fact that she is even considering a more holistic approach is a real breakthrough for me. When the doctor told her she didn't have the spondylitis, thought she didn't have lupus even though the blood test said otherwise, and her symptoms told him there was inflammation somewhere she finally started getting a little suspicious. She knows I have done much better once I gave up milk. She is 46 and has been ill the majority of her life, was doing well with the chrone's until this muscle and joint thing got the better of her. We are working on stress reduction and that has helped, but not the whole answer. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Crohn's Disease - Dr. Stoll please help

Posted by Walt Stoll on September 16, 1998 at 09:59:45:

In Reply to: Chrones Disease - Dr. Stoll please help posted by Vicki on September 15, 1998 at 17:09:04:

Dear Vicki,

Your sister is lucky to have a resource like you in the family. HOWEVER, this is one thing that you cannot do for her. SHE has to be the one seeking & ready to do what needs to be done. This is such an easy problem to resolve but ONLY if she is willing to become an expert in it. Until then NOTHING either of us has to say will make the least iota of difference.

Once she is willing to become the student THEN we can help.

The very first thing she needs to do is get a copy of my book & read it from cover to cover (link on this page). The entire book works like a tool. If the only thing she reads is the chapter about Crohn's, she is missing what she needs to know.

In the meantime, she could get started by reading the appropriate things about GI stuff on the FAQ page for this 'site & going to the archives for this 'site and doing the same.

THEN, if she still has questions, have HER write again right here on this BB.

If she is NOT ready to learn, just love her as she is until she dies. NO ONE can force anyone to learn.


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Re: Crohn's Disease - Dr. Stoll please help

Posted by Vicki on September 16, 1998 at 11:37:39:

In Reply to: Re: Crohn's Disease - Dr. Stoll please help posted by Walt Stoll on September 16, 1998 at 09:59:45:

Thank you. I'll tell her about your book. As I am sure you are aware, watching something like this is difficult. We lost our parents very young and it has taken me years to quit being the replacement mom. I still do it to some degree, obviously, because I'm healthier, financially better off, and just more proactive about this kind of thing. She is my only sibling so it's that much harder.

On a good note I have been making a stab at skilled relaxation. I bought the CD Jim referenced on Total Relaxation. I've been closeting myself into an unused conference room during my breaks at work. Good results so far. Sleeping better, more alert, more energy, and it is helping the IC. And all that after only a few days. Right now I think I'm only just relaxing a lot, not getting anywhere near the brain wave cycle everyone talks about, but I figure it's a place to start. Thanks for all your help.

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