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Posted by jack b. on September 20, 1998 at 09:34:39:

Dr.Stoll, i'm working with a D.O who, like you, believes in and prescribes a whole food diet, exercise, stress reduction. he also knows about leaky gut. i'm seeing him for a stubborn candida overgrowth problem. he swears by a method whereby he gives the patient an i.v of 25 gm vit c, 700mg taurine, vit b complex, followed the next day by an i.v of 500mg of flagyl. i looked up flagyl and i dont see anything about it being an anti fungal drug.this doctor claims to have used this on over a thousand patients, never with a bad result. he recommends keeping up the holistic approach afterwards to prevent any relapses. i did speak with one patient who said it worked miraculously for him when nothing else would. i want to try it , but im afraid the anti biotic effects of flagyl may make my gut worse. any comments?

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Posted by Kyra on September 20, 1998 at 19:27:30:

In Reply to: FLAGYL posted by jack b. on September 20, 1998 at 09:34:39:

Dear Jack,

Here's some general info. The standard chemical name for Flagyl is metronidazole. Metronidazole is a particularly strong chemical compound used against eukaryotic parasites including fungi (which include yeasts), Trichomonas, Giardia, and protozoa. Since metronidazole is essentially a potent poison, personally I'd be cautious about the IV treatment you described in dealing with LGS. I've heard that metronidazole is sometimes considered somewhat of a last resort when taken internally. I defer to Walt's take on the matter though. He's the teacher; I'm a student on this BB.



Posted by Sharon on September 21, 1998 at 09:38:40:

In Reply to: FLAGYL posted by jack b. on September 20, 1998 at 09:34:39:

I have just gotten rid of giardia using alternative methods instead of flagyl which is the standard drug for that. My practioner used herbs and homeopathics to change the "terrain" in my gut so that it would not be a place that giardia want to hang out. Even though the giardia is gone, we are still working on changing the terrain. He told me that 70% of our immune system is in our digestive track. You might want to talk to someone about the same sort of issues.

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Posted by Walt Stoll on September 21, 1998 at 09:50:53:

In Reply to: FLAGYL posted by jack b. on September 20, 1998 at 09:34:39:

Hi, Jack.

You are fortunate to have a physician like you have. Cherish him.

If you will look closely at FLAGYL, you will see that it is not an antibiotic as they are commonly described. It is an antiparasitic. Even though bacteria are really parasites in their own right, they fall into a different classification of parasites than the rest. Flagyl will not effect the healthy organisms of the gut like the "antibiotics" will. Used as a one shot deal, like you are describing, it is not likely to have any long-term harmful effects. I would, however, carefully read the package insert about what immediate side-effects you might have from a one time IV exposure.

I would also like to hear from anyone else who has had this treatment. I have never heard of a one time treatment like this having a curative effect on candida and am interested in learning more.

I am glad that your doc (and you) have a healthy appreciation for doing what is needed to deal with your susceptibility (wellness) and not just treat the condition. In the long run, this will surely resolve this.

For the Flagyl to help with this (in my understanding) it would have to be by its killing other parasites & so leaving more intestinal reserves to deal with the candida fungal form.

Let us know how you do.



Posted by Walt Stoll on September 22, 1998 at 12:56:25:

In Reply to: Re: FLAGYL posted by Sharon on September 21, 1998 at 09:38:40:

Dear Sharon,

The approach that worked for you is also the one most likely to prevent a recurrence. Flagyl does nothing about preventing a recurrence.

Your doc is right on when s/he says that 70% of the immune system is clustered around the GI tract. All the stuff we have been discussing about LGS on this BB for the past years is related to that fact.


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