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Lichen planus

Posted by Chris on September 20, 1998 at 21:55:35:

My mother has had Lichen planus in her mouth for several years and it seems to have affected her immune system. She has been told that there is nothing to cure this but some people I met who are into alternative and holistic treatments told me that a six month regimen of colloidal silver would take care of it. She is constantly fighting colds and flu. Any ideas on this? Thanks.

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Re: Lichen planus

Posted by Walt Stoll on September 21, 1998 at 10:39:23:

In Reply to: Lichen planus posted by Chris on September 20, 1998 at 21:55:35:

Dear Chris,

Lichen Planus is a message to the individual about the condition of their immune system. It would be a mistake to get rid of the messenger before dealing with the real problem.

This has been discussed on this BB within the past few months. I hope you will save me typing by looking it up. It may be archived.

So what if the silver resolved the problem? The next message likely would not be so benign.

Finally, although the resolution of this is relatively easy, nothing either YOU nor I can do will solve it for her. SHE has to become the student since SHE is the one who has to understand what to do & why she needs to do it.

There are a couple of references that would help her get started. If she is not willing to put out that much effort, anything I could say would be wasted:

Have her read Dr Pelletier's classic: "Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer" (most recent edition). THEN, if that makes sense to her, have her read a copy of my book (link on this page).

THEN, if she still has questions, have her put them on this BB so others with similar "messages" will be helped by watching her get well.


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