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a severe case of candida

Posted by
Teri on June 28, 1999 at 17:08:46:

PLease can you give me any suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a severe case of diet related candida I am not even able to tolerate the fruit in any fruit at all.

Any time I have anything just a little sweet it sets me off into an eating binge even if I have just eaten & am not even hungry.
I have been on the yeast free diet now for 1 month however have cheated a few times eg with an apple & strawberries & as soon as I have these things I am back to where I started.

I have done ALOT of research & have been taking a lot of garlic, olive oil, Vit C, Lemon juice, Oxygen therapy on a daily basis. However it still is not helping kill the candida as I will do really well & then slip up & have an apple or a frozen grape. So now I have moved to nystain which has given me FINALLY my energy back. However my nutritionist told me I should be able to tolerate a few more foods on this medicine. NOT SO as I tried a few & the candida is strong.
I have severe side effects not from the medicine but from when I eat something sweet as my veins in my arms & all over my body turn blue & stick out also the top of my right leg became numb for about 36 hours after I had quite a bit of fruit sugar. I will have this constant hunger & eat alot of food & have no idea where it all goes as I am quite under weight & am eating significant amounts of food!! This is only after I eat something that feeds the candida as I never seem to get full. I wanted to know if the best thing to do is rotate the nystatin one day garlic & oxygen therapy the next or just take them all together as I am doing right now. I am back to being extremely strict on the diet just wanted to know what would be the most effective in killing the strength on the candida in my system as I have read that the candida can become immune to something if you have it all of the time. PLEASE if you have any suggestions for me as I have read so many book & taked to so many people however everyone only seems to know a little about candida & are not to sure about the correct diet. I realize that every case is different mine just happens to be so severe that I am really scared as I feel it is out of control as this diet is getting harder & harder for me to follow as I am so restricted in what I can eat. Thank you for your time & I will be looking forward to hearing from you or anyone that could help me!!

Re: a severe case of candida

Posted by Walt Stoll on June 29, 1999 at 09:48:15:

In Reply to: a severe case of candida posted by Teri on June 28, 1999 at 17:08:46:

Hi, Teri.

This 'site has NEVER recommended the "yeast-free diet" for candida. I am sure that you don't want to hear that since you have put so much effort into it but there it is!

Next, if you do not resolve WHY you got the candida in the first place, even if you are successful in eliminating it, it will JUST COME BACK!

Start by reading the archives link below and get Beth Loiselle, RD's book so you will know what diet would keep your cravings under control while also containing the Candida. ALL of this till you can deal with the causes of your LGS.

See the glossary for any unfamiliar terms.

THEN, if you still have questions, write again. This will be enough for you to do for now.


Re: a severe case of candida

Posted by sonja on August 02, 1999 at 16:53:00:

In Reply to: a severe case of candida posted by Teri on June 28, 1999 at 17:08:46:

Dear Teri,
getting rid of Candida will take time, and we're talking in terms of years, not months. This is my experience, as well as many others'.
Perhaps this is the hardest thing to acknowledge, but once you have done that, you should get determined to do your best to "win" over Candida.
As this syndrome has developed over long time, the progress will be slow; mostly the symptoms will disappear slowly, several at a time or one by one, and the latest ones acquired might vanish first.
At the stage where you are now, it seems that Candida is almost stronger than you, that explains your terrible urges to "cheat". I am sorry to tell you, but it sometimes takes a "superhuman" effort to overcome such urges, because they are physical, not mental. If you do it, you will manage to starve large colonies of Candida, and that will weaken the Candida, and strengthen you!
After most of the symptoms have receded, it might all boil down to a few which perhaps will show some of the reasons why you got Candida in the first place. For example, after 18 months of fighting a stubborn case of Candida (and even other parasites) I am now living a life previously unimaginable - regarding the energy level, mental stability or state of health in general. I still have a problem in the area between the small and big intestines, and I have problem with lungs. The gastro-intestinal problem might be an inherited weakness, and as such can be difficult to change. But as long as I know this, I can be careful, and not provoke anything. That's easy, when you are aware of it.
(Regarding Candida in the lungs, it is no wonder at all, since I have smoked for about 15 years. I am the one who has weakened that organ!)

I am still yeast sensitive. No matter what Dr. Stoll would say, I decline from eating yeast. Sometimes I eat minute amounts to test the reaction force. Ultimately, I might try the behavioral approach, namely to try to learn my immune system to tolerate yeast again, but that must happen when I really feel good enough to try.

I can compare this to trying to walk a very long distance backwards, at the beginning it feels almost impossible, but you really have no other choice apart from getting an even more serious illness, so you just have to do it.
Psychologically, conquering Candida often implies changing one's life radically, to a degree where you might do exactly the opposite of what you used to. It is necessary to keep this in mind. Not all of us are strong enough or ready for the transition, but it gets easier eventually. It is essential that we think of our own well being, and not worry about what others might think of our dieting, allergies etc. Determination is the key word.

If I were you, I would avoid fruit completely for the time being.
You said that you've got good info on Candidiasis. There are other things related to the syndrome, as you will probably discover. I doubt Candidiasis can be only diet-related. That sounds like a simplified version of what really is a fairly complex syndrome.
Read as much as you can and more important: try to figure out what is true for you and what isn't. This same syndrome affects people differently, and we cannot take for granted that what helped others will have the same effect on us. This is a consideration we must take, and it's not always easy either.
Use your intuition!

When Dr. Stoll only gives you a link, and generally asks people to learn about, say, the connection between stress and Leaky gut syndrome, beneficial effect of whole foods etc., it is only because he has already done the job each person who wants to be well must do: get the information, assimilate it and act upon it.
It is something he can't do for you. This is not how it works. Actually using one's own intuition in order to find out how to go forward might be crucial for the recovery.

In the beginning of the cure one of my die-off symptoms was ice-cold arms and legs (especially after I took medicine/before the food intake). This gradually receded and affected only hands and feet, then only toes and fingers. Now it is almost gone. I hope the reaction you described is of a temporary sort too.
Yes and another thing: it is in my experience more efficient to use different medicines daily, so the yeast will not have a chance to get used to them. But at the stage where you are now, I would not even attempt a hard way of killing Candida, for it will ultimately affect you. In the beginning I only used Garlic, vitamin support, and live A+B bacteria (BioAcidophilus & Bifidus, made by an UK firm, don't know if you get it in US).
You probably know by now that these bacteria are balancing yeast (among other things) in our intestines.
Only the diet, which I conducted with steel determination, killed enormous amounts of yeast (I thought at times I was going to die). When I got stronger, I started the anti-yeast medicines, and gradually I got much better.
Well, this worked for me; another approach might be valid for you.
It is actually possible to eliminate most of Candida and live a life one could not even have dreamed of when ill. But it takes a continual effort.
You have all my sympathies, as I know too well what it feels like to embark on that kind of road. Please keep the spirits high (and all of you who might read this) because this is a beginning of a better life.
Even if it takes a year or two - or three - it is only a few years of your life. Compare that to years and years of suffering...

Put things in perspective: some of your reactions or symptoms might be short-lived, they will subside, so don't get "hanged up" on them. This is extremely difficult when one has a Candida overgrowth in one's body, since it affects the emotions, in fact it distorts them or even controls them at times, but I believe that a strong mind can fix that as well.

OK. I don't know if this helped. Good luck, Teri :-)

Best wishes from


Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications)

Posted by Walt Stoll on August 04, 1999 at 10:34:24:

In Reply to: Re: a severe case of candida posted by sonja on August 02, 1999 at 16:53:00:

Thanks, Sonja.

Your testimonial will help many others see the commitment it takes to resolve something like this. It is not that we do not know how to do it in most cases but that most people are not willing to DO what it takes.

I hope you have been addressing the LGS since you could not have either the candida OR the other parasites if you had not first had the LGS. If the LGS is not dealt with, these problems will eventually come back.

Also, I hope you do not have the idea that I said that candida people NEVER have sensitivities to other yeasts. ALL cases of LGS have environmental sensitivities and SOME of those are to things like yeasts. I have found that less than one in a thousand people have sensitivity to yeasts in the diet in relation to their candida. This is why I urge people to not further complicate their anti-candida diet by eliminating yeasts from their diet as well--you KNOW how much effort that takes. 999/1000 will just be adding more work & complexity to their program without benefit.

However, as I also always say: "Use your bodymind as your own personal laboratory." Everyone is different and if it bothers you, it bothers you. You have found that yeasts in your diet bother you. I would hesitate to urge everyone to use your body as their personal testing system. They have to use their own! Are you following what I mean?

I greatly appreciate your note and hope you will continue to share your experiences with the BB.


Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications)

Posted by Sonja on August 06, 1999 at 02:10:29:

In Reply to: Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications) posted by Walt Stoll on August 04, 1999 at 10:34:24:

Dear Dr. Stoll,
I am following you, but I don't know if you were following me :-) ; here comes paste&cut from my post: "This same syndrome
affects people differently, and we cannot take for granted that what helped others will have the same effect on us." and, later on
"Well, this worked for me; another approach might be valid for you."

I have been addressing the LGS for some time now, and the gut is healing, slowly. By that I mean all from resolving unresolved traumas, changing one's lifestyle, taking probiotics of good quality, charting food reactions etc. (Hell of a job.) The latest thing my chiropractor suggested worked very well - the product called Silicol, I suppose it's main ingredient being sillicium (it is actually an acid, but I don't know the word in English, it comes from a plant). This stuff builds up the lining of the gut, and also strengthens hair, nails, heals sores etc.

And...thanks for the kind words.
I do like to write, share and discuss, but I don't do it unless I really have something to say. There is a lot I could share, but since it is so energy consuming I write less than I want to. This is another result of what I learned about how to keep my health in balance - I won't use the energy I don't have!

Best regards from


Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications)

Posted by Walt Stoll on August 09, 1999 at 12:07:43:

In Reply to: Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications) posted by Sonja on August 06, 1999 at 02:10:29:

Thanks, Sonja.

It is interesting to me that, with all you have learned and done, you do not mention the regular practice of SR for your LGS. Srr the FAQ link and the Glossary link for SR if you are unfamiliar with it. THEN, if you want to learn about it in more depth, go to the archives link below.

In my experience, I have yet to see anyone permanently resolve LGS without this most important single thing to do.

Are you really not doing it?


Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications)(doing it My Way)

Posted by Sonja on August 10, 1999 at 12:44:11:

In Reply to: Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications) posted by Walt Stoll on August 09, 1999 at 12:07:43:

Now that you mentioned it....I do not actually sit and meditate. But I don't brace either.
There are several reasons for it, and I certainly can't recall them all, but here are some of my suggestions for why this is so:
I've been doing Pilates for the last seven years. Pilates Body Control is a form of training that requires mental control and breathing technique, among other things. If you're interested look up at (one of many sites devoted to this)

I now live a quiet life. Besides, I don't have children or close family I have to take care of,
so stress level is generally low.

The third point is more difficult to explain. I started this journey to wellness on the "mind" side of bodymind. I conducted the journey mostly by myself. It took several years, at least 150 volumes of books, plus a good deal of Internet research. One of the things I learned is that stress can be caused by internal and external stressors, and the internal stressors can be both physical and mental.
To the point: the psychological stress can come from daily agenda of problems, but can also exist on personality level. If you don't do a job of "internal gardening" there, little benefit will you achieve by trying to meditate.
To clarify further: I believe that many people don't achieve the optimal integration on personality level, and consequently their level of awareness is, let's say, immature. By this I mean that they have lower than optimal self-esteem and self-awareness and that creates a constant tension.
As long as the underlying issues remain unresolved the maturing progress will halt, and they will have something like a constant subconscious nagging to do something abut it.
This I believe can with time manifest itself as physical symptoms.
(I don't know if this is clear at all, since I'm trying to compress quite complex thoughts, based on personal experience, in shortest possible space.)
Even more concrete: I can almost recognise a Candida-personality when I see one, or when I read what they say. Without any scientific or statistic hold other than my own observations, I dare tell that a lot of Candida sufferers (though not ALL) have less than optimal self- esteem (to put it nicely). This, I believe, is directly transferred to their immune system (my belief strengthened, after reading Pert's Molecules of Emotion).
Further: if you were, let's say, unlucky in your "choice" of parents and social environment, you're like 30 years+ and you still have immature, poorly integrated personality, but you don't really know it, if there are issues from the past that need to be resolved, if your present life is full of issues that need solution, and finally, if you are not who you really are 99% of the time, AND you happen to be sick so the immune system is involved - no diet, no exercise, and no skilled relaxation will help you, or so I believe.

Back to me. The first thing I did was to deal with above-mentioned problems. I had no clue about being physically ill. I thought I was a hypochondriac, or that's rather what others believed. After sorting out the psychological stuff, I 'd read through all I could find about hypoglycaemia, CFS, PMS, Stress, Candida, and made the connection between all of it. I've done my Hans Selye for long time ago!
The magical thing that happened when I started to deal with the physical illness, that is, to get rid of Candida/ parasites was that my ability to tolerate stress increased almost on a daily basis. After a while I experienced amazing things, like being able to fall asleep immediately after a stressful day or generally being able to tolerate stress situations I could never cope with before.
Furthermore, I was able to control my feelings like never before. They have lost their intensity. A new thing emerged: at times I feel intensely happy to be alive. I often feel everything is fine, I am doing well, and the future feels bright. The circumstances I live in are pretty much the same, yet I seem to be happy about most of them. Sometimes I almost can't believe my own feelings; the change was so dramatic.
I did change some things in my life, but the main point is that I accepted those I could not change. This was unimaginable for just a few years ago. And it happened spontaneously, all of it. It was as if when the body got well it influenced the mind too. I now experience wellness primarily as a physical sensation, rather than emotional/mental, while previously it was the other way round.

About SR

After I found this board, I immediately got interested in what SR is about, so I ordered some books such as Awakened mind or The High Performance Mind. To my surprise, I was quite familiar with many of sensations described there. It might sound silly, but I believe my mind works that way. Speaking their language, I am very "awake", most of the time. I live like that, or I maybe I think like that. That is probably why I did not mention it, because I can't give advise on something I have not experienced (i.e. being active on SR and experiencing the results).
But I strongly support the idea of doing it; I can indeed see why it is highly beneficial.
I could probably benefit from taking time to do SR myself, but I'd like to try Biofeedback, which is not available here.

I have no problem realising that skilled relaxation would be absolutely essential to the recovery, but I can't quite see how one can do it properly if one is almost disconnected to one's self? It would be like trying to calm the mind and not removing the underlying causes of unrest, and you know what you say about that method when it comes to the body...!
Actually, I was wondering why so little attention was paid on this board to the psychological aspect of cronical diseases, when one has otherwise accumulated quite a wealth of good information that helped many.
Maybe because it invites to a slightly deeper level of understanding, something that can't be just mentioned in one sentence?
I have read significantly many posts from people who appeared so helpless and were prepared to put themselves in your hands, metaphorically speaking. I could not help but register that. They almost always had Candida/ LGS. You'd treat them with great patience and tell them what to do, but they'd come back again and again, as if seeking comfort, not info. There is nothing wrong with it, only when one is healthy and well I believe the need for comfort will subside.
They'd also tended to thank you a lot and appear submissive, or that was my impression. Oh I know what's it like. I've been there. There was a lot I could have told them, but I prefer to believe they will get over it eventually. I don't like to "preach"...

OK. I will not apologise for this ever so long post. You've asked for it! :-)
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a peace of mind to tend to....!

Keep up the good work


Re: P.S. By "training" I meant exercising. NMI

Posted by sonja on August 11, 1999 at 11:51:50:

In Reply to: Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications) posted by Walt Stoll on August 09, 1999 at 12:07:43:


Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications)(doing it My Way) ARCHIVE under philosophy--this and what it is a response to.

Posted by Walt Stoll on August 12, 1999 at 13:03:40:

In Reply to: Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications)(doing it My Way) posted by Sonja on August 10, 1999 at 12:44:11:

Thanks, Sonja, for the enlightening testimonial. What works, works. This is why I keep saying for people to listen to their bodyminds.

I do, however, have a few questions and comments (as you likely knew I would).

"Bracing" is but one of many clues about an aroused hypothalamus. The main reason I even mentioned it is that those who are bracing can (relatively) easily tell if they are. Most clues are internal and, without specific biofeedback, most people never notice them until the bodymind breaks down loudly enough that the person can no longer ignore them.

The stress-effect storage I am talking about has little to do with the psychosocial kind of "stress" you mentioned. Statistics show that more than 90% of all the stressors in this culture are NOT psychosocial. SO, there is no way that your system could not have stored more "readiness" than is healthy for your function. Hans Selye, MD, published many research articles and books about this for more than 40 years. Even though he has been dead many years, he is still acknowledged as the foremost expert in the world on this subject. Your note about your stress (or the lack of it) tells me that you still have not caught up with the "Modern Medical Interpretation of Stress" listed so many places on this website and in my book.

Your understanding of various stress effects is great. It is just incomplete (as all of ours are). So long as an environmental electromagnetic field or a chemical elicits the same fight or flight effect as any of the stressors you mention (and there are at least 380,000 stressors/person/day for each of us), there is no way that we ALL are not chronically "ready". Unless, of course, we run from, or physically fight each stressor, the readiness
stores in the hypothalamus which alters the way our entire bodymind functions (Selye).

There is certainly a spiritual dimension to SR. However, SR has an effect separate from this powerful dimension.

I hope you will continue to share your wisdom with the rest of us. You obviously have put many years, and much effort, into this. We could all stand to learn a lot from you!

Remember: "Everybody is smarter than anybody!"



Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications)(closure?)

Posted by Sonja on August 13, 1999 at 14:46:55:

In Reply to: Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications)(doing it My Way) ARCHIVE under philosophy--this and what it is a response to. posted by Walt Stoll on August 12, 1999 at 13:03:40:

Dear Dr. Stoll,
So kind of you to comment.

I so agree with you. (I did read your book and the chapter on stress, but it does not show in my post, as I concentrated on other aspects of the case.)
You're entirely right when you remind me of the total amount of stress we are exposed to.
It is possible that I sounded like someone who has a stressless life or knows all about the subject(I know, I often sound as if I know all-about-everything). That is indeed not the case.
As I mentioned in the first post, I do have remaining health problems, (gastro-intestinal + lungs) and they must come from something.
The point I tried to make (and it seems taken) was that it is the total that counts, perhaps the difference between the active stressors and the ones removed, or what you have to deal with at any given time after you've done your best to remove some of them.
If I were to compare the stress that I feel now, to how I felt when I experienced a surge of Candida toxins (another internal stressor), on a scale from 0-10, I'd say I now feel like 2 or 3, whereas my reaction to the toxins was more like 10. It was this amazing difference that has kept me going for a while, but the recovery is far from complete.
I am just beginning to realise that, for instance, a long-term stress (from all the afore mentioned factors, especially the ones you mentioned) might have had a terrible effect on my gastro-intestinal system. It is not difficult to believe that.
While I am sitting here and writing to you I can take a mental note of my breath and pulse, and even though they are perfectly calm, and I've had a wonderful day, I can feel a pain in my colon. This pain comes and goes, sometimes I'm not even aware of it (until my chiropractor presses the right spot, which is between the small intestines and colon). Well, this must originate from something!

So in the meantime I have decided to get myself a biofeedback machine (hopefully I can import one without too much trouble) and have a serious go at SR. I'll let you know how it goes. (I can't really discuss it before I've tried it, right?)

While searching info on "mind machines" I found this site that reviews the different products. I found it interesting, and a bit amusing too. Maybe BB readers would like to pop in:

Finally, I have learned a LOT from this board (I found it this winter). Thanks for the kind words, but I don't see myself as all that wise. Still, I suppose sharing my experience is a way of "paying back" what I got free from others! After all it would be meaningless to have been through hell and back, and then not help other people who might seek the help I sought some time ago.

I totally agree with you that no one knows everything, but many know quite a lot.
If I did not, I would probably not be hanging around here so much :-) !

Best wishes

P.S. It seems that I have a calming effect on you. Your answer was completely devoid of upper case letters ;-)!
P.P.S. This wellness business also has a political side that I am interested in. Since you are also engaged that way, I think it's best not to start on that one this time - we'll never finish. I won't keep you any longer.

Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications)(doing it My Way) ARCHIVE under philosophy--this and what it is a response to.

Posted by Sonja on August 14, 1999 at 03:41:50:

In Reply to: Re: a severe case of candida (some clarifications)(doing it My Way) ARCHIVE under philosophy--this and what it is a response to. posted by Walt Stoll on August 12, 1999 at 13:03:40:

I woke up this morning thinking:
what works is a whole approach - the human being is both body and mind (and spirit). After reading your book and checking the BB resources I still missed the psychological approach, and that is what my post was all about.
In between an ordinary GP and an ordinary psychologist I'd never be "cured". (As long as these professions stay separate or don't co-operate, all their efforts will remain futile. Not to mention their aversion to holistic medicine, which will keep them ignorant as long as they live.)

But I believe it is important to address the whole person, in order for them to get them well.
I hope that's also what you meant by "what works, works"!

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