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Spondylitis, psoriasis, anal fissure....

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Spondylitis, psoriasis, anal fissure....

Posted by Lorraine on October 22, 1999 at 07:24:26:

Help!!! After at least 5 years of feeling like dross - with aches and pains all over and a feeling of general malaise and just feeling like not getting out of bed every morning, I was finally diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis about two years ago. This was after about 4 referrals by my GP. The fact that most of the pain was radiating from my right SI joint finally motivated a rheum. to take x-rays and do a HLA B27 blood test. It felt great to get a diagnosis but the rheum. simply told me that I had a mild case of AS and sent me home with a prescription for NSAIDS. During the last two years the pain has got worse and I have had terrible problems with hemmorhoids, culminating in a partial hemmorhoidectomy (sp?) in April of this year. Following the op, I was in even more intense agony. With no sympathy or help from the surgeon/consultant who operated I went, in desperation, to another consultant surgeon specialising in GI probs. He diagnosed two chronic and quite deep anal fissures. This cons. is reluctant to carry our further surgery, even though the fissures are chronic, due to my age (31) and the fact that I have not had children and would like to do so in the future. He has put me on GTN ointment 0.5% applied 4x daily. It helped up to a point - I no longer have to wait 3-4 hours before being able to sit down after a BM and am no longer reduced to tears during.

I still have pain every time I visit the bathroom - not as excruciating as from April - June (following the op) but everytime I think the fissures may have healed, I might have one small instance of slight straining on the toilet and there it goes again. I am taking 15ml of lactulose syrup most evenings which seems to help, but not always. I'm also eating lots of grains and fruit and veg.

I'm slightly concerned about continuous use of the lactulose - is it ok to be taking it long term? I don't want to add to my digestive problems!!

Are anal fissures related to AS? I recently saw a holistic practioner who said that all my symptoms were related to LGS. It all sounded very feasible but he carried out no tests and prescribed $200 worth of natural medicines - which he provided - and which don't seem to have helped.

From various research that I've carried out on the net, I've learned that AS is a REACTIVE type of arthritis which reacts to certain types of bacteria present in the stomach. I'd never been told that. Apparently, this bacteria flourishes in the presence of sugar. I'm now planning to cut out sugar and reduce my carbo intake.

I've already lost weight due to the anal fissures and am concerned about losing too much more. (I currently weigh 105lbs and am 5ft tall).

Any advice on diet, supplements etc to help my problems would be tremendously appreciated.

I'd also be interested to know if there is any link between the AS and psoriasis (of the scalp) and any other potential long term effects I should be aware of.

I am particularly concerned about the anal fissures and any possible future pregnancies - I couldn't imagine carrying a growing foetus and the pressure it would put on my veins!! (I'm taking burdock root by the way, to strengthen them).

Sorry for the long posting but my current consultant seems only able to deal with the isolated problem of the fissures and I would love to get feedback from somebody who can put the whole picture together.

Thank you a million times for any help you can offer

Re: Spondylitis, psoriasis, anal fissure....

Posted by Walt Stoll on October 23, 1999 at 09:03:54:

In Reply to: Spondylitis, psoriasis, anal fissure.... posted by Lorraine on October 22, 1999 at 07:24:26:

Hi, Lorraine.

ALL of your conditions are related--for one thing, they are all autoimmunely related conditions. As you may know, AS is an autoimmune conditioin that is a first cousin to RA (rheumatiod arthritis). Robert McFerran (who contributes to this BB daily) has a LOT to say about that since he had terminal RA and healed himself starting with the information on this BB. Send him this note by putting his name in the title to draw his attention.

The psoriasis is always related to C-RS which is a natural consequence of untreated LGS.

Bracing is the only thing that connects everything you have said here. LGS is most commonly caused by (and always aggravated by) total body bracing. Go to the glossary for any unfamiliar terms and follow where that leads you.

What you have is not hard to resolve but it will take your understanding the causes to do what you need to do.

Since it is apparent that the single most important thing for you to do is get rid of the bracing, I would suggest you go to the glossary, home page articles and the link I have prepared for you below (in that order) and start learning about SR. At first, the more you learn, the more questions you will have. Please feel free to write again with those questions. Others have the same process going on as you have and public discussion will help them avoid what you have gone through.


Thank you!

Posted by Lorraine on October 26, 1999 at 10:28:41:

In Reply to: Re: Spondylitis, psoriasis, anal fissure.... posted by Walt Stoll on October 23, 1999 at 09:03:54:

Dear Walt

It's amazing how, in the last six months or so, I keep tracing my symptoms back to what I think is the ultimate cause and then I learn something new! I guess I should have know all along that the root of the problem was likely to be stress - there is has been more than enough of it in my life over the last 5 - 8 years. I read in one of your posts that what affects the intestinal tract at one end will affect it at the other (or something to that effect). I have been involuntary clenching my teeth, especially during sleep, for years now and I guess my rear end has been doing the same thing!!

I was intrigued about the Candida link, since I don't think I've ever suffered from Thrush and I thought the two were inextricably linked. I bought a book about Candida at the weekend and was amazed at the number of symptoms that I recognized (nausea in the mornings, feeling weak and dizzy and blurred vision.

I had already been doing some research into food combining and, as I mentioned before, have cut down on sugar and carbohydrates. I now intend to cure myself through diet and, of course, dealing with the root of the problem - my STRESS!!

In fact, another purchase I made at the weekend was a CD by Boris Mourashkin entitled "Points of Light - healing music". The only problem with this CD is that its tribal rythmms seem to appeal to the savage in me and I can hardly stop myself from leaping up and dancing around!

I was fascinated by the posts from Richard J (from the link you posted on SR). He mentioned some tapes he ordered from BrainSync.com and I intend to order those. What an amazing journey he has travelled with those tapes - I really hope I am able to experience something similar.

What you do for people on this BB is incredible - God bless you for sharing your knowledge and insight with us in such a selfless way.

I have just one question for you at present - I'm continuing to take lactulose syrup on a daily basis to prevent constipation and my fissures from worsening. Since I'm trying to cut out sugar, should I cut the lactulose out too. I think it's insoluble - does that count?

Thanks once again,


Re: Thank you! (Testimonial)

Posted by Walt Stoll on October 27, 1999 at 11:39:29:

In Reply to: Thank you! posted by Lorraine on October 26, 1999 at 10:28:41:

Thanks, Lorraine.

If the lactulose IS insoluble, no problem. I am not familiar with this. Do you know the chemical structure and formula? Does anyone have any idea as to why it woudl help your problem?


Re: Lactulose Solution B.P.

Posted by Lorraine on October 27, 1999 at 18:45:19:

In Reply to: Re: Thank you! (Testimonial) posted by Walt Stoll on October 27, 1999 at 11:39:29:

Hi Walt,

That's the chemical name for what I've been taking. The solution also contains lactose and galactose. It's basically a gentle laxative which softens the stool rather than causing a purge. My consultant (who I'm seeing for the anal fissures) prescribed it to prevent constipation since any straining could worsen the fissures. I'd like to wean myself off it but I'm pretty apprehensive about it in case I cause anymore pain to my poor and very sore bottom. (The GTN ointment I am using (4x per day) is making the skin around that area very tender).

I read that swallowing whole linseeds in water is good for ease of stool movement. Don't know what you think about that... I'm willing to try any natural remedy in place of the lactulose. I AM eating a healthy diet (no sugar, whole grains, lots of veg and water) but my digestion still seems quite sluggish. I guess I know what the answer is - exercise more - but these dark, damp and very long winter English evenings are more conducive to going home and curling up in front of the fire with a [herbal tea ;-) ] than Tai Chi classes.

Anyway, I digress. If the lactulose is not aberrating from my sugar-free diet regime (for the candida and LGS) I'll stick with it since, for the most part, it works pretty well. I'll have a look in the British Pharmocopeia tomorrow for a chem. ref. to the solution.

I'd hate to inadvertently be spoiling the effort I'm making in keeping off sugar - I'm being SO good and it's SO hard But I will do it and Heal myself.

By the way, I am going to buy your book for me, my mother (who has vasculitis) and my 29 year old sister (who has juvenile arthritis and spondylitis). I'll send you a fax shortly.

Thanks again,



Re: Lactulose Solution B.P.

Posted by Walt Stoll on October 28, 1999 at 13:02:24:

In Reply to: Re: Lactulose Solution B.P. posted by Lorraine on October 27, 1999 at 18:45:19:

Hi, Lorraine.

So long as this combination truly IS insoluble, you are not hurting your perfect diet.

You might look at the article on the homepage about constipation in children for an alternative that would get you off the lactulose since it IS a laxative and would create dependency.

By the way, I would NOT say that more exercise is the answer to this although it would help. SR is the most important single thing since you must eliminate your rectal bracing to finally resolve this.


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