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Posted by Jennifer on November 13, 1998 at 11:54:12:

I'm doing skilled relaxation 2X a day for suspected lgs. I also take a high-quality digestive enzyme (heartburn) and acidophilus with FOS. Many of the sites for lgs recommend L-glutamine to help repair the intestinal lining. Does this help, and is there anyone who should be cautious using this (hbp).

Thank you,

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Re: LGS (and l-glutamine)

Posted by Walt Stoll on November 14, 1998 at 09:47:06:

In Reply to: LGS posted by Jennifer on November 13, 1998 at 11:54:12:

Dear Jennifer,

It is safe & effective. The reson I have not mentioned it is that, without dealing with the causes of LGS, the l-glutamine benefits would be temporary.


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