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Leaky Gut & Insomnia

Posted by Donna Brady on November 16, 1998 at 21:48:45:

Dear Dr. Stohl,
I was diagnosed with Leaky Gut in November of 97 after getting the Elisa (Ig4 & IgE) food allergy test done. There were 69 foods that were listed in the "significant" category. I originally went in because of insomnia, and allergy symptoms that were worsening even after two years of allergy shots. I was given Ultra Clear to help heal my gut and was put onto a rotating diet, the insomnia still persisted. My doctor (alternative medicine) told me I should go to a sleep clinic and that it wasn't related to the leaky gut or allergies. I ended up getting a prescription from my regular MD for Ambien which I finally started taking regularly 6 months ago, I get up for work at 6am. If I try to fall asleep on my own it usually takes until about 4:00, also I tried several different herbs and melatonin which didn't help, and a lot of times would have a reversed affect. I read in one of your articles about hypothalamic stress and leaky gut, and that it can keep the body in a state of "readiness" and cause insomnia. I have had the insomnia for 1 to 2 years, my allergy symptoms have been for 7-8 years. I have changed my diet completely in the past 1 to years, no sugar, whole foods, etc. I am ordering your book and also the workbook because I do need to practice relaxing my mind more. I recently talked to a doctor of natural medicine in Oregon I was contacting about Wilson's Disease (low thyroid) because I thought that might be part of my problem with the insomnia (I run an avg. body temp. of 98), also I might get some testing done for my hormones even though I'm only 32. When he saw a copy of the Elisa test he told me he thought I needed to get neutralized and desensitized of the different chemicals in the foods and that I should get phenolic allergy testing done, he seemed to think that the allergies are keeping my brain awake at night (brain allergies??). I found a doctor of alternative medicine and allergist who gives EPD allergy shots (enzyme potentiated desensitization), they're for food, inhalants, chemicals, etc. allergens (I have all those allergies). I have an appointment with him next week, I am also thinking about going to see an acupuncturist. I found your website through ER4YT site and I've been enjoying reading the posts and getting a lot out of them. I was wondering what you thought about allergy shots for food sensitivities and if healing the gut would heal the allergies or if they would still be present. I didn't take the Ultra Clear for very long, I've been taking a product called Fiberdophilus, for while I was taking Glutamine and Lecithin capsules for healing the gut. And of course I've been eating real good (on Zone Diet now). I'm wondering if the leaky gut could be about healed by now or if it takes longer (like a lifetime!). Does the hypothalamic stress directly cause leaky gut (I remember you saying that it's always replacing itself) or does it happen over time? It seems like the allergies happen over time and build up, would the relaxation techniques help the allergy symptoms? I appreciate you helping me out with all this. I've read and checked into so many things over the past two years, even got a "dead tooth" pulled with an amalgam filling, and still have one more filling to get removed. My mercury level is high also and was taking DMSA to detox. Also been on Candida diet and antifungal herbs treating that. All this started from insomnia, it forced me to get healthier in pursuit of answers. But my body is getting too used to the Ambien (I did cut down to 1/3 of a 10mg pill though) and I want to get off of it. I thinks it's also causing allergy symptoms since it's a chemical and I'm chemically sensitive (I can't even wear my partial denture that I got because I get a sore throat and taste it, it's supposed to be for chemically sensitive). I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.


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Re: Leaky Gut & Insomnia

Posted by Walt Stoll on November 17, 1998 at 12:13:55:

In Reply to: Leaky Gut & Insomnia posted by Donna Brady on November 16, 1998 at 21:48:45:

Hi, Donna,

ALL of your "stuff' is related!

As you have already figured out, even the effective "treatments" stop working eventually and you are right back where you started only older and a little worse.

The only thing I know of that will permanently reverse EVERYTHING you have is the regular practice of skilled relaxation at least twice a day for 20 minutes. Everything else you mentioned will give you temporary benefits at best.

Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Rolfing, etc. fall into this catagory and would not be permnanent without the skilled relaxation.

That is not to say that you shouldn't use them just that you need to be realistic about what to expect from them: relief while the skilled relaxation is working.

Let us know how you do.


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